Ready to Go Hardwood Decking

Pre finished mahogany hardwood decking
KAYU Siap, pre-finished hardwood decking.

Dreaming of a new hardwood deck for the new year?  Perhaps one that is ready to install, saving you the trouble of staining yourself?

If you would rather skip the staining and go straight to installation, consider building your new deck with KAYU Siap Pre-finished Hardwood Decking.

Not only is KAYU Siap already stained on all four sides, skipping you the trouble of applying the initial coat of stain yourself… the stain actually resists UV rays and mildew so you can enjoy your new deck for generations!

The best part?  The incredible value of KAYU Siap!  KAYU Siap is an extremely affordable choice for your new deck, priced lower than competing hardwoods and synthetic decking options.

High performance, great value, ready to go hardwood decking!

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KAYU Siap is our pre-finished Red Meranti decking which is similar to the wood Chris Craft used in their original boats.  This is a high quality hardwood which accepts stains and finishes wonderfully and is easy to install.

In addition to our KAYU Siap pre-finished Red Meranti decking, KAYU also stocks pre-finished Red Balau decking which is a bit more dense and dark than the Siap.  Either choice is excellent!

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