Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti™ Rough Sawn

Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti™ Rough Sawn

Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti™ Rough Sawn

Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti Rough Sawn Lumber™ is a Meranti species and is also known as Philippine Mahogany. Posses an incredible combination of beauty, performance, strength, and durability that is superior among even the finest Hardwood materials available, of any kind. A proven performer for 100+ years in the most extreme and demanding applications. Kayu® International imports this species from the East Side of Borneo, Indonesia.

100% Natural and 100% Organic



Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti™ Rough Sawn

t’s dense cell structure and interlocking grain serves as a natural deterrent to decay. Highly consistent and stable. Lays flat whether it is QTR Sawn or not. 100% clear grade Heartwood, Kiln Dried and always double checked by Kayu exclusive graders.
At Kayu we believe Sapele & African Mahogany are excellent woods; however, their appearances is the same as Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti Rough Sawn Lumber™. We ask why would you pay 30%-60% higher for something the average consumer can’t see and very often would prefer?
Beautiful wood for Wood Workers of all kind. Cabinets, Furniture, Boat Builders including Christ Craft Boats who used this species from 1930-1960’s until they changed to fiberglass. It is a delight to work with. Nailing with an Air Gun is excellent, Builders are amazed at the ease. A consistent lighter/medium colored wood that takes a stain well and glues up well with a density higher than Western Red Cedar and similar to Douglas Fir. Has excellent paint holding fibers; allowing oil-based or paint to be applied and readily absorbed. Perhaps, best of all, is the ease and ability to refinish if oiled or even change the color.


Our Mills tell us that there is 40% QTR Sawn. Count on 35%-40%. At Kayu we don’t pull out the QTR Sawn as many of our competitors do. Kayu gets the highest quality hardwood at the best prices.


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