“Thanks Natalie! Thanks for being a great partner to us in the process and all your help! I’m going to make sure when the house gets published, most of my projects do, that you guys get free advertising out of the article.

The wood is really something special here and it is, I think, a crying shame that people put vinyl up on the side of their house and then put this material on only decks and walk on it. Its something to behold in all the color variations on a vertical service. It makes the house look like a painting really and shows the majesty of God’s creation in the character of real wood.  . .  . Sorry to get philosophical on you!”

-Midwestern Architecture and Design Company


“I am a Class A deck and patio contractor in the Central Virginia area. I’ve used exotic hardwoods on deck projects for decades and have always used Ipe until I was recently introduced to KAYU ® Batu. I’ve been using KAYU for nearly a year now with outstanding results and honestly would not go back to Ipe. The density is very comparable, but the color is much more consistent with the KAYU. Ipe has a wider range of color variation and I’ve found that most of my clients prefer the more consistent KAYU. Once they’re told of the price difference they’re absolutely sold on the KAYU. As a high-end deck builder with an impeccable reputation for material selection and craftsmanship, I highly recommend KAYU exotic hardwood as the decking product of choice when the client prefers a high-end “natural” product for the mid-grade price.”

-Bruce, Richmond, Virgina


“My husband and I looked out into our backyard last spring and decided it was the year to finally redo our old deck.  The original Cedar deck built only 7 or 8 years ago was on its last leg and made our backyard look worn-out.  We knew we did not want another Cedar deck since the current one didn’t last as long as we had hoped.  We were in search of something that did not require a ton of upkeep, was a good value and would last longer than a few years.   Right off the bat we were recommended composite decking since it is known to be “low maintenance.”  Being a big internet researcher, I found many claims out there for composites attracting more mildew and mold which would be a huge problem for us since our deck would be partially shaded.  Plus I hated the look of the imitation wood and really wanted the real thing.  Then we found Ipe.  Almost there, but the cost was just out of our budget.  Finally, we found KAYU Batu.  We loved the red, mahogany look of the wood and the extreme durability.  Plus our KAYU rep explained to us that not only would our deck last in the upwards of 20+ years if installed correctly, we didn’t have to spend lots of time cleaning and staining and could even leave it untreated if we wanted.  We loved that!  After our deck was installed we couldn’t have been happier.  Our backyard went from a “3” to a “10” just from the new KAYU Batu deck.  No other word could describe it other than gorgeous.  I don’t think it’s possible to find better looking decking anywhere than KAYU.  We are so happy with our deck we are looking for other things to make out of KAYU Batu and think next summer will be a KAYU Batu fence.  We can’t wait!”

-Karen and George, Northern Washington


“Six years ago I took on a deck-remodeling project for my newly purchased home. The main feature of my home is a river-view. I chose KAYU Batu, for my newly designed and installed decking material, of which I am absolutely thrilled!

My home required a complete tear-out and re-build of the existing decking, which had been made of cedar, which had been in place for approximately 25 years. The former decking was showing much deterioration and structural weakening.

I chose KAYU Batu after researching other decking materials, mainly PVC decking. PVC may sound like a good alternative to real wood, but in keeping with a “green” theme PVC will likely end up in a landfill one day as future home owner realize the compromise this product has been. It also has an artificial look and feel I didn’t care for.

KAYU Batu on the other hand, is grown in an environmentally manner – is completely a renewable resource that will last for many, many years. It has added much value to my home and the wood has proven to take wear and the elements beautifully and looks as good six years later as the day it was installed.

There is no comparison to the look of KAYU decking, the rich, dark mahogany color, which looks like the finest interior wood flooring. I am completely satisfied I made the right choice in choosing KAYU Batu for my decking remodel!”

-Carol, Portland, Oregon