KAYU®-Exterior Siding™

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KAYU® Exterior Siding™ Will Help You Create the Perfect Statement; Whether It’s Classic, Elegant, Modern, or Contemporary. Nothing Will Affect the Appearance of Your Home or Business More Dramatically Than the Exterior Siding You Choose.

100% Natural and 100% Organic



KAYU Exterior Siding

KAYU® Exterior Siding™ Is a Great Way to Add Beauty, Color, and Definition to Your House or Business and at the Same Time Provide Benefits in Terms of Weathering and Damage to Your Structure.

Hardwood Siding Is Generally Considered the Most Environmentally Friendly Option, as Opposed to Other Materials, Wood Is Also a Renewable and Biodegradable Resource. Chemical Free.


Kayu® Mahogany Hardwood Siding™ Is a Popular Choice for Both Residential and Commercial Projects. Exotic Mahogany Hardwood Is Made From Solid Pieces of Wood That May Be Installed Vertically, Horizontally, Diagonally, or in Any Combination. Nothing Can Beat the Beauty of a Project Completed With KAYU ® Hardwood Exterior Siding™.

While Aesthetics Are Always Important, You Will Also Want to Consider Your Siding’s Durability, Ability to Resist Water, Ease of Installation, and Versatility. KAYU® Mahogany Exterior Siding™ Is the Same Hardwood That Is Used and Loved in the Yachting and Boating Industry Where Beauty, Performance, and Value Are of Paramount Importance.


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