Hardwood Decking With Proven Low Maintenance

low maintenance decking
KAYU hardwood decking products are low maintenance

Are you looking for a deck you can have installed and never have to maintain?  During your search for this “perfect” maintenance free decking, you have probably become very familiar with composite decking, PVC decking, plastic, recycled, fiber, etc.; hearing each company claim theirs is the most maintenance free.  Low maintenance may be the truth in some cases, but with composite, PVCs etc., being fairly new to the market, how long do we really know these very low maintenance options will last?  How long will the deck even last?

With long histories as decking products, our hardwoods are proven performers for decades.  You can literally have your deck installed and leave it to a light pressure wash each year.  No need to sand, scrub or re-seal.  In fact, you don’t even need to seal in the first place, the choice is yours.

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