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KAYU®- Patios & Porches™. Your front Patio or Porch can quickly and easily boost up your home’s curb appeal. We’ve helped many homeowners get the right wood to build so that they can design and create their very own patio or Porch to complement their home and their lifestyle. Here are a few good reasons why you should contact us at Kayu International and pick out the right Exotic Hardwood: wood@kayu.com

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Resale Value. They say what you put into your home, you get out, and a patio is an affordable way to increase the value of your home. Many homeowners love the idea of having a patio or Porch, and if you ever decide to sell your home, yours will appeal to an array of shoppers and you’ll be able to sell it for a little more than what it’s currently worth.

More Space. A large, polished Patio / Porch will give you a great area of extra space for your home. It can especially come in handy in the summer if you have a small kitchen – you can move your cooking outdoors. You can also use it as your own personal relaxation area, or turn it into an outdoor gym.

Back Yard Living. If you live in an area that gets cold during the winter months, you probably don’t spend much time in your back yard when the temperatures are low. If you have a Patio or Porch , however, you can turn it into a little winter escape. Use the patio as a base for a hot tub, or enclose the patio and install an outdoor heater – you’ll be able to enjoy your back yard all year long.

Design. Because patios can be any shape or size, they can add an interesting element of design to your home’s landscaping. You can either install your Patio/Porch next to your home for a “deck-like” feel, or install it elsewhere in your yard to make the area “pop.” If you have a large property, you can even install it further away and build a walkway to it for a “hidden” effect.

Entertainment. If you’ve always dreamed of outdoor entertaining, a Patio or Porch is the way to go. It’s the perfect area for hosting birthday parties, barbecues, holiday cook-outs, and any other celebration you can imagine. Plus, with everyone outside, you won’t have to worry about prepping and cleaning the whole interior of your home. 

Kayu International has exceptional Imported Exotic Hardwood from SE Asia, providing beauty and durability for the perfect Patio/ Porch. Kayu®- Batu™, Red Balau, Kayu®- Borneo-Mahogany™ Philippine Mahogany , Kayu®-Dark Red Meranti -Select™ , Kayu®-Golden™ Bangkirai.


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