KAYU®-Genuine FEQ Plus™ Teak

KAYU®-Genuine- FEQ Plus™  Teak ‘Golden’ Our forty plus years of experience importing from SE Asia has allowed Kayu’s buyers to bring the highest quality teak, ‘Golden’ with minimum indication of minerals, while achieving completive prices. Milled in combination of Burma and Thailand. Our inventory consists of ½”(surfaced and sanded) 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4.


100% Natural and 100% Organic



Burmese Teak

Kayu -FEQ Teak

KAYU®-Genuine- FEQ Plus™  Teak ‘Golden’.   Old Growth First European Teak Wood is valued as the “King of Hardwoods” with its close grain and natural oil content makes it highly resistant to any rotting or decay. Possessing an incredible combination of beauty with its classic warm Golden Honey-Brown color.  Performance, Strength, and durability that is Superior, even among the finest decking material available today, anywhere in the world.


KAYU®-Genuine- FEQ Plus™ Teak ‘Golden’.  The logs for  KAYU ® are milled in combination of Burma and Thailand.  Due to our select buying and grade, our teak achieves the ‘golden’ quality sought after by experienced buyers and high-end users of teak.

Our forty years of experience in Southeast Asia has allowed Kayu’s buyers to bring the highest quality teak into the U.S. while achieving competitive prices. Our inventory consists of 1/2″ (surfaced and sanded), 4/4, 5/4,6/4, 8/4 all in rough sawn.

Burmese Teak


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