KAYU® – Borneo Mahogany™ Philippine Mahogany

Proven performer for decades in the most demanding applications from coast-to-coast, year after year.

KAYU ® Borneo Mahogany Plus™ Possesses an Incredible Combination of Beauty, Performance, Strength, and Durability That Is Superior Among Even the Finest Decking Materials Available – of Any Kind.

100% Natural and 100% Organic




KAYU Borneo Mahogany Borneo-Mahogany

KAYU®-Borneo-Mahogany™ is a meranti species and is also known as Philippine Mahogany. Possesses an incredible combination of beauty and performance, strength, and durability that is superior among even the finest decking materials available, of any kind.  A proven Mother Nature performer for 100+ years in the most extreme and demanding applications. Kayu International imports the species from the East Side of Borneo, Indonesia.


Kayu®-Borneo-Mahogany™ Hardwood Decking

Its dense cell structure  and interlocking grain serves as a natural deterrent to decay, insects and mold caused by humidity, and deterioration caused by snow and hot summer days. Reliable for longevity, durability and low-maintenance. Always beautiful.

A proven performer for decades in the most demanding applications with a 100% clear grade, kiln dried for consistency, smoothly finished, and always double checked by KAYU exclusive graders. 


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