KAYU Mahogany Primed Trim boards™

KAYU ® – Borneo Mahogany Primed Trimboards ™ Have Been a Proven Performer for Decades in the Most Demanding Applications From Coast to Coast, Year After Year.

100% Natural and 100% Organic



KAYU Mahogany Primed Trimboards

KAYU ® Borneo Mahogany Trimboards ™ Are a Carefully Selected Meranti Hardwood Species; The Result of 30 Years of Extensive Worldwide Importing of Hardwoods for the US and Canadian Markets. It Is a Top Choice for Many Homeowners’ Selection of Outdoor Trim; A Proven Performer for Decades in the Most Demanding Applications. Resistant to Shrinkage, Splintering, Scratches, and Dents. It Is Among One of the High Quality Products Imported by KAYU ® International From SE Asia.


Compare: Oil-Based Primed 2x With a Uniform Gray Color and Finger-Jointed Using High Quality Waterproof, Type-1 Glue. Its Dense Cell Structure Serves as a Natural Deterrent to Decay, Insects, and Mold Caused by Humidity, and Deterioration Caused by Snow and Hot Summer Days. Highly Stable and Sturdy With 100% Clear Grade, 100% Kiln Dried for Consistency, Smoothly Finished and Always Double Checked by Kayu Exclusive Graders. Superior Substrate, Square Edge Corner, and Excellent Paint Holding Fibers. A Proven Performer of High Quality Hardwood.


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