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Kayu® Batu | Red Balau
Robin Wilson

What You Need to Know About: Kayu® Batu | Red Balau Wood Decking

Build with Kayu® Batu 01 Kayu® Batu | Dock Material 02 Kayu® Batu | Steps 03 Kayu® Batu | Railing 04 Kayu® Batu | Deck 05 Kayu® Batu | Deck 06 KAU®-Batu™ Siding 07 KAU®-Batu™ Shelves Functionality and good appearance are always two main concerns whether you are renovating or just starting to build your deck. Most homeowners prefer to have their outdoors constructed using exotic, tropical and imported wood. Taking these types of wood into consideration does not just add aesthetics but also better functional benefits to your deck.

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KAYU® Exotic Hardwood Decking & Lumber Outdoor Decking

Building Decks for Today, Preparing for Tomorrow outdoor Decking Having an outdoor deck is a real luxury, but it is also a way for you and your family to spend time outside and relax after a long day of work. There are an endless amount of options available these days for building a deck but also the material that you can build outdoor decking with.   What is the best decking material? Discover the natural beauty of Exotic Hardwood decking from Kayu International and see why contractors, architects, and homeowners

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Build Beautiful Decks With Authentic SE Asian Wood!

KAYU ® Batu (Red Balau) Decking KAYU ® Batu is also known as Red Balau and is a vibrant Dark Red in color. Batu is a prevalent choice of wood because of its durability and resistance to insects, twisting and warping.  Also worthy of noting, because of its excessively hard density and elevated oil content it is ideal for outdoor decks and furniture.  Many of our customers also prefer KAYU ® Batu (Red Balau) Decking for building outdoor furniture, cabinets and more.   KAYU ® International, Inc. with over 20

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Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti

KAYU ® Mahogany (DRM) Decking Understanding about Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti: Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti is among the most commonly used decking types. This is popular because it’s 100% clear grade type of hardwood which is native to Southeast Asian countries. The botanical name of Dark Red Meranti is Shorea acuminata. There is much more to know about this species. And, this article will help you in understanding about Dark Red Meranti in a better way. Various Names Adopted by this Species: Dark Red Meranti has adopted various

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Wood Decking – Batu – Red Balau Hardwood Decking

Wood Decking KAYU ® Batu Red Balau is a dense and resilient wood with a dark red color KAYU ® International specializes in exotic hardwood products, including decking, flooring, truck & trailer decking and dimensional lumber.  KAYU provides additional value added services such as pre-finishing and special, hard to get sizes and profiles. Our exotic hardwood decking is 100% natural and exceptionally beautiful.   KAYU ® Batu is a carefully selected, Balau hardwood species.  KAYU Red Balau Batu has a 25 year limited warranty, is 100% clear grade and has a gorgeous

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Commanding the Entire Purchasing Cycle from Manufacturing to Delivery

KAYU ® International, Inc. offers the finest hardwood decking products and specializes in trailer decking for the transportation industry. KAYU commands the entire purchasing cycle from manufacturing to delivery and is among the highest in the industry, delivering the best hardwood decking and prices directly to our customers. The entire production at KAYU International is handled by our KAYU team.  With more than 30 years in the wood industry, Steve Wilson, President of KAYU International, makes an average of three trips to SE Asia each year to discuss strategy and quality

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