KAYU Hardwood Deck Tiles™

Build a beautiful new deck in hours

KAYU ® Hardwood Deck Tiles™ Are the Perfect Solution for DIY Homeowners, Contractors, Architects, Apartment Renters, and Condo Owners When Your Space and Time Are Limited but You Want a Beautiful Wood Deck. They Provide a Way to Create or Renovate a New Semi-Permanent Space.

100% Natural and 100% Organic



KAYU Hardwood Deck Tiles

KAYU ® Hardwood Deck Tiles™ Allow You to Instantly Transform Your Space Into a Beautiful Indoor / Outdoor Living Environment. Available in Different Sizes to Suit Your Needs. Our Hardwood Deck Tiles Are Removable, Movable, and Reusable. They Are the Perfect Solution When Your Space and Time Are Limited but You Want a Beautiful Wood Deck.


KAYU ® Hardwood Deck Tiles™ Can Be Quickly and Easily Installed, Eliminating Expensive Construction Cost. Installed Over Any Ground With a Relatively Flat Surface. KAYU ® Deck Tiles Don’t Require Any Nails, Glues, Hammers, Special Tools, or Skills. They Just Interlock Together – Just Like That! The Tiles Can Be Installed in a Straight Direction or Turned to Create Any Pattern, Creating a Warm and Unique Living Space. Our Deck Tiles Are Able to Withstand the Rigors of Harsh Climates From the Desert to Tropical Climes or Frozen Winters.


Choose from KAYU's Full Line of 100% Selected Hardwoods

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Download Brochure Coming Soon!

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