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Kayu® Tongue and Groove Ceiling Installation – Tropical Hardwood
Robin Wilson

Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring Installation Guides

Kayu® Legendary Performance™ At Kayu® we offer a few select species and are extremely meticulous when sourcing; careful of who we use as manufacturers and ensure quality control by having our own exclusive graders at the mill, inspecting every board.  Our Tropical Hardwood includes the very best hardwood species available, anywhere.  Exotically gorgeous, exceptionally durable and sustainable   harvested.  Compared to other commonly used woods, Kayu® is much superior in the vast majority of cases and in all comparisons we know of; outlasting and outperforming other materials. Our guideline here is

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Ventilation and Spacing Essentials

When building your brand new KAYU Hardwood Deck, it’s important to remember some key factors.  Hardwoods are a natural wood product and will expand in rainy, humid weather and contract in hot, dry weather.  If your deck is installed without proper airflow and spacing to allow for expansion and contraction you will inevitably face some issues down the road.  Below are a few installation tips: Please follow your local building codes Keep all decking materials dry, clean and out of direct sunlight prior to finishing and installing If you wish

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Easy to Use Concealed Fastening System

Hidden fastening systems for decks are definitely here to stay.  But there are so many options, how do you choose?  We have tried and tested the Kreg Deck Jig Concealed Fastening System and are very impressed. First place the included spacer rings alongside your deck board to allow the proper airflow and ventilation so important to building a long lasting deck. Then, with the assistance of the Kreg Deck Jig, simply pre-drill holes into the edge of your decking using the included step bit, guided by the jig’s drill guides.

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Spanning Your KAYU Hardwood Decking

Now that you have purchased your premium, KAYU Hardwood Deck it is time to think about installation. Your decking span has a huge impact on the overall feel of your deck. Improperly spanning your deck can result in a springy, soft deck which will affect the feel, longevity and safety of your deck. Most species of wood used for decking require spanning an average of 16 inches on center for 5/4″ X 6 decking. Because KAYU Hardwood Decking is denser than the majority of species, its spanning requirement is normally

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Tongue & Groove Flooring Installation Recommendations

Properly installing your new KAYU tongue and groove flooring is extremely crucial for long lasting performance. Sealing Be mindful of excess moisture in the air.  KAYU Batu and KAYU Dark Red Meranti (commonly referred to as Mahogany) T&G are kiln dried but can still absorb moisture. When using your KAYU T&G for exterior porches is important  the material is sealed with a penetrating sealer on all four sides, thus minimizing the dimensional change.  Lengthwise, there is virtually no expansion, therefore neatly trimmed ends can be butted tightly together. Nailing Nailing

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Installation Essentials

Storage and Handling: Keep your KAYU hardwood deck boards clean, dry and out of direct sunlight before installation and finishing. Finishing: Seal decking with a high quality penetrating oil sealer on all four sides prior to installation.  Sealing only one side can create uneven moisture flow which increases the likelihood of cupping. A periodic cleaning and a light coat of finish will be required in order to maintain original color. Ventilation and Air Flow: Check and follow your local building codes Allow adequate ventilation for proper air flow to reduce

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