Yellow Balau vs. Teak

Yellow Balau (also known as Bangkirai) and Teak are similar in many ways, both having a rich, golden brown color and high oil content making both hardwoods very durable and resistant to the elements, insects, warping and twisting.  Due to their extremely high density, both Teak and Yellow Balau are popular choices for outdoor furniture, park benches, boat decks, bridges, decks, cabinets, doors and more.

Teak is generally a better known exotic hardwood specie, popular since the early part of the 20th century.  However, prior to extensive knowledge of sustainable forestry practices, the rainforests where Teak was sourced from have depleted.  This has made Teak prices soar to levels double, even triple of Yellow Balau.  There have been recent, strong efforts to replant and harvest Teak faster and more responsibly in plantations.  Though plantation grown Teak is legal and much more sustainably friendly than previous, naturally grown Teak, some of the original mechanical properties are commonly lost.

On the contrary, Yellow Balau, also known as Bangkirai has and always will be sourced sustainably in accordance with established agencies.  Another huge benefit for the environmentally conscious, is the foundation of Indonesia’s SVLK wood legality and verification system and chain of custody program.  SVLK provides information on the entire supply chain, allowing the wood to be completely traceable and completely legal.  Best of all, the SVLK is mandatory, so you can be assured your Yellow Balau will come from a legal, sustainable sources.

In short, both Teak and Yellow Balau are beautiful and durable exotic hardwoods great for infinite outdoor and indoor applications.  There is a definite price point advantage with Yellow Balau and a long history of sustainable forestry practices but Teak does give a strong level of familiarity to many.




























































































































































































































































































































































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