Wood Decking – Batu – Red Balau Hardwood Decking

Wood Decking

Wood Decking
KAYU Red Balau Batu performs in many outdoor climates, including the tropics

KAYU ® Batu Red Balau is a dense and resilient wood with a dark red color

KAYU ® International specializes in exotic hardwood products, including decking, flooring, truck & trailer decking and dimensional lumber.  KAYU provides additional value added services such as pre-finishing and special, hard to get sizes and profiles.

Our exotic hardwood decking is 100% natural and exceptionally beautiful.   KAYU ® Batu is a carefully selected, Balau hardwood species.  KAYU Red Balau Batu has a 25 year limited warranty, is 100% clear grade and has a gorgeous dark red, Mahogany color.

At KAYU International, we have over 30 years of experience importing hardwoods for the U.S. & Canadian markets.  KAYU provides premium quality wood decking products and is regarded as the market frontrunner of Red Balau wood decking.

Trendy Sizes

  • 1 X 4
  • 1 X 6
  • 5/4 X 4
  • 5/4 X 6 S4S E4E

The KAYU Wood Experts are available to speak with you.  Contact us for more information on specific profiles, sizes and dimensions.

Call Natalie, Gina or Chad today Phone: (888) 558-5298    Local: (503) 557-7296

Features You Can Count On

  • Natural beauty for generations
  • Proven performance under extreme conditions

Toughness You Can Count On

  • Exceedingly durable. Commonly used for Decking, Walkways, Flooring and even Trucks.
  • Resilient to insects, fungal and corrosion.
  • Resistant to abrasion, wear and dents.
  • Class A Flame Spread that is naturally resistant to fire

Excellent Prices

  • Kayu International’s long-time business experience coupled with Large Quantities of Shipments from Multiple Warehouse Locations provides discounts that are forwarded on to our customers

Ease of Maintenance

  • KAYU Batu Decking is undemanding to maintain
  • Just leave unsealed to weather to a silver gray patina OR apply standard penetrating oil finishes to maintain that rich dark “Mahogany look”

 Wood Decking  – Batu – Red Balau Hardwood Decking 


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