What You Need to Know About Kayu Batu | Red Balau Wood Decking

KAYU®-Batu™ Red Balau
KAYU®-Batu™ Red Balau High Quality Hardwood, Dependable Service at Suprisingly Affordable Prices.
KAYU®-Batu™ Red Balau
KAYU®-Batu™ Red Balau


Functionality and good appearance are always two main concerns whether you are renovating or just starting to build your deck. Most homeowners prefer to have their outdoors constructed using exotic, tropical and imported wood. Taking these types of wood into consideration does not just add aesthetics but also better functional benefits to your deck.

Kayu Batu

Red Balau | Kayu Batu is one of the most sought after types of wood because of its undeniable beauty and function. Here are some details to help you understand what you should know about Red Balau wood decking.

Kayu® Batu | Red Balau

Kayu® Batu or Mahogany is a popular type of decking wood used by most architects, builders and homeowners. This type of wood typically comes from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Aside from being one of the homeowner’s favorite because of its extreme durability, Red Balau wood is also preferred by many because of its unique aesthetics. It is reddish-brown in color and will then turn into a silverfish-gray if you allow weathering.

It is a durable hardwood that is often compared to teak though it comes in a cheaper price. However, its quality is tried and tested over time and its sturdiness is of no question that’s why it is often used in the construction of projects that require water-resistant woods like boat docks or bridges (please see our information on Kayu®  Boat Dock Material).

Kayu® Batu |Red Balau Decking

  • It is resistant to wood shrinkage and splintering
  • It is highly durable and sustainable
  • Requires low-maintenance
  • Good quality wood at an affordable price
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • It is resistant to decay, molds and insect attacks
  • Class A’ flame spreading rating (same as concrete)
  • 25 -Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% Clear Grade, Always inspected by Kayu®’s Exclusive graders.

It is practically maintenance- free and four times harder than the common redwood, which makes it even more reliable.

Red Balau or Kayu Batu

Kayu Batu | Red Balau is wood that is surprisingly affordable.

It is one of the high quality products carried by Kayu® International, Inc.; the global leader in Exotic Hardwoods for the U.S. and Canadian markets, founded in 1994. Growing strong ever since.

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