Update your outdoor living space with deck tiles!

Batu Hardwood deck tile
20″ X 20″ Smooth Face KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles.

After ignoring your outdoor living space half of fall and most of winter, you may have recently walked outside and noticed its Spring.  Your flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping and  days are longer.  In many cases, a new deck, porch or major exterior upgrade takes careful budgeting and planning.  By the time you and the wife even settle on a design Summer could be nearly gone.

Why not save your time and money and get a gorgeous, high quality product you can take care of yourself in just a day or two?  KAYU Batu hardwood deck tiles can be placed right over your cracked patio, your well worn old deck or even around your pool.  Really anywhere you have a flat surface in need of updating.

Available sizes:

  • 20″ X 20″ smooth face surface
  • 20″ X 20″ anti-slip face surface
  • 40″ X 40″ smooth face surface (that’s an 11 square foot deck tile!)

For deck tiles distribution in your area, send us an email or give us a call.


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