Truck & Trailer Replacement KAYU ® Keruing

 Kayu ® International is one name you can easily rely upon for high quality Truck and Trailer Decking!
Truck and Trailer Replacement KAYU ® Keruing
Truck and Trailer Replacement KAYU ® Keruing

KAYU ® International has skillfully provided our customers with Quality Lumber, Dependable Service at Affordable Prices for more than 20 years now! Our Owner and President, Steve Wilson, has been in the Lumber Industry for more than 40 years and began Importing Lumber from SE Asia and with the same buying team since  the early 80’s.  With this level of experience and success you can be reassured that you will be getting the products you need and the service you deserve.

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Are you looking to replace the wood on your truck or trailer? We have some exciting news at Kayu ® International about our replacement decking and we want to share the news with you.

Trucks and Trailers are thought to be sturdy and naturally need to be rough and tough internally as well as externally. But, no matter what, the flooring of your truck or trailer will get damaged over a period of time.

Some of those problems are; the wood can warp or rot, causing the vehicle to look extremely worn out or non-usable! Exposure to many different weather and climate elements throughout the year, your Truck and Trailer Decking will naturally suffer from weather-related damages.To make things worse, the wood can get infected with wood loving insects; like termites that have the ability to damage the wood. At times, these insects won’t leave you with any option but to repair the vehicle.

In many cases, using a different material for your truck or trailer is the best decision. But, it does not end there.  Choosing the right material for your truck and trailer decking not only saves you money over the lifespan of your decking, it will provide you with lower maintenance and more durability.

But, what exactly is the right material? When it comes to wooden trailer and truck decking, there is one type of wood that will give you the best of the best results and that is the KAYU ® Keruing wood. It is undoubtedly the best hardwood available in the market today that can be used for truck and trailer decking. Most manufactures from across the world give priority to this wood because of the many benefits it provides.

One of the many benefits that KAYU ® Keruing wood offers is that it requires extremely low maintenance. This species of wood can be used for any type of outdoor decking without having to worry about its after effects. If you are looking for resilience, then Kayu ® Keruing wood should be the choice for you, since it is very strong and durable.

Kayu ® International makes use of this wood in our truck and trailer decking industry, while many consumers aren’t even aware that Keruing is an affordable alternative to Oak wood.  Many of our customers also use KAYU ® Keruing Apitong for heavy construction and industrial decking, docks and warehouses.


KAYU ® Keruing wood is a native of South East Asia and countries like Malaysia and Indonesia which are the biggest exporters of this wood.

Why Buy  KAYU ®?  One of the largest and longest serving wood decking specialist of the world, Kayu ® International. Inc., provides  KAYU ® Keruing  for our customers.  The Keruing wood is also sometimes called as Apitong wood. This wood is definitely the most trusted hardwood of all times.

KAYU ® International uses authentic Keruing / Apitong wood imported from the South Asian countries and the Asian KAYU mill graders, who provide all our inspections of wood and have decades of training in the wood industry and understand the importance of the woods quality and manufacturing care.

For more information about Kayu ® International, Inc. and the services/products we offer, you can visit our official website through this link or Based in the USA we  can offer you with the best solutions possible at affordable prices. You can have your questions answered by giving us a call OR filling out a few detailed in the form on our website. One of our KAYU wood experts will respond to you.

Kayu ® International, Inc.  buys direct from the source in SE Asia, we specialize in providing custom patterns and sizes at the best prices and delivered to you.  We have over 20 continuous years of successful business and KAYU is a globally recognized leader of exceptional, import hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking


Need to Complete Your Decking Designs?   Contact Our Wood Experts at Kayu ® International, they are available to speak with you or if you prefer, send us a message on our website; we will get back to you.

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Truck & Trailer Replacement KAYU ® Keruing

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