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Truck Decking. Inspection in Indonesia by Steve Wilson, President. September 2014
  • KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong Wood Decking 
  • Kayu International is one name you can rely upon for high quality truck decking services!

Kayu International, Inc. with 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking.

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  • Are you looking for a makeover for your trailer? Then you will want to read  further, It will help you better understand about Truck and Trailer Decking. The trailers are supposed to be sturdy and they naturally need to be rough and tough internally as well as externally. But, no matter what, the flooring of the trailers gets damaged over a period of time. It can warp or rot causing the vehicle to look extremely worn out! To make matters worse, the wood can get infected with typical wood loving insects like termites that have the ability to damage the wood. At times, these insects leave you with no option but to repair the material. In such cases, all you can to do is reconsider using altogether different material for your trailer. But, it does not end here. You will need to make sure that the replaced wood is far better than the one you used previously. Choose Keruing Wood from Kayu International to buy Keruing  trailer decking.


  • But, what exactly is the right material. When it comes to wooden trailer decking, there is one type of wood that will give you the best of the best results and that is the Kayu Keruing wood. It is undoubtedly the best hardwood available in the market today that can be used for trailer decking. And, there are manufactures from across the world who give priority to this wood because of the many benefits it provides. Keruing wood  is native of South East Asia and countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are one of the biggest exporters of this wood.


  • One of the largest USA import of hardwood from SE Asia is Kayu International.  They buy their Keruing wood directly from the source in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Keruing wood is also sometimes called  Apitong wood. This wood is definitely the most trusted hardwood of all times. Kayu International has successfully imported hardwood decking for more than 20 years now. With this level of continued success, they are known as a global leader for importing hardwood and are internationally recognized.


  • Kayu International uses authentic Keruing wood imported from SE Asia and purchases its wood directly from the source.  The Kayu team are all experts and understand the wood’s qualities. They know that it is the most ideal material that can be used for trailer decking. One of the many benefits that this species of wood offers is that it requires extremely low maintenance. This wood can be used for any type of outdoor decking without having to worry about its after effects. If you are looking for durability, then Keruing wood should be the choice for you as it is very strong. And therefore, companies like Kayu International makes use of this wood in their trailer decking industry. Keruing is used for heavy construction and of course in decking too.


  • For more information about Kayu International and the services/products they offer, you can visit our official website through this link Based in the United States of America, they are one of the largest wholesalers and can offer you with the best solutions possible.


  • You can get a quote for by just filling in a few details in the form provided on this website or give us a call directly. The company’s experience speaks about the expertise in their respective field and Kayu International is one name you can rely upon for high quality truck decking services!


Our Kayu warehouse is stocked with Keruing   ……and new loads have just been inspected for quality control with Kayu Graders and are being be shipped to our warehouses.

100% Real Golden Balau

100% Legally Timbered

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  • Our Wood Experts at KAYU ®  are waiting to talk to you.
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