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KAYU ® Truck Decking (Apitong / Keruing)

Truck Decking
Truck Decking

Kayu International, Inc. with 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking.

Kayu buys direct from the source in SE Asia, we specialize in providing custom patterns and sizes at the best prices and delivered to you.

Major Choices of Lumber for Truck Decking:

This topic is important to discuss because not every hardwood species or variety of hardwood species would be suitable for truck decking applications. Some species would be too soft while others would be too susceptible to inclement weather. These kinds of issues with some hardwood species bring up lots of questions in people’s mind about the best lumber choices for truck decking. This article would be an eye-opener for everyone who is looking for best lumber for their transportation purposes.

Apitong / Keruing – First and Best Choice for Truck Decking:

Apitong is the most popular Truck Decking product for several good reasons. The wood is incredibly strong with the hardness rating of 1270 pounds. The strength of Apitong is found to be 19900 PSI and its stiffness rating is 2070 1000 PSI. All these factors are found to be obviously better than the conventional domestic hardwoods.

Because Apitong / Keruing is the best choice for Truck Decking and Trailer Decking, Kayu International is selling Apitong at Kayu, directly from our giant Warehouse. There are large volumes of Apitong hardwood decking stocks available which are of various sizes and discounted prices. I am sure that the Apitong hardwood decking at Kayu could be able to meet all your transportation needs in an efficient manner.

The expert team at Kayu International, Inc. is always waiting to talk to you. Call us or E-mail to talk to one of our Wood Experts right now!

Final Thoughts:

For decades, Apitong has been the standard choice of hardwood for truck and trailer bed applications. It can be considered as the clear choice in terms of both strength and stiffness.

Our Wood Experts at Kayu International are waiting to talk to you.

Our Kayu warehouse is stocked with Truck Decking Apitong / Keruing  ……and new loads have just been inspected for quality control from our Kayu Graders and are being be shipped to our warehouses.

100% Real Apitong / Keruing Wood

100% Legally Timbered

100% Kayu Inspected


Our Wood Experts at KAYU ®  are waiting to talk to you.

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