Time to Clean your Deck

Unless your deck has never been exposed to the elements or had anyone set foot on it, sooner or later it will need to be cleaned.  This is true of any decking material, whether it be PVC, composite, pressure treated, domestic wood or exotic hardwood.  Just think of how your car would look like if it had never been washed…

Cleaning your deck doesn’t have to be strenuous or time consuming.  Cleaning once a year is a good idea, twice is even better.

Lightly pressure washing on a low setting, no closer than 12″ to the deck’s surface is one cleaning method.  We suggest starting in an inconspicuous area, on the lowest setting, increasing pressure slightly until effective.  Remember, pressure washing your deck can be detrimental if done carelessly, please do so with caution.  Because of the tight knit grain of KAYU hardwood decking, sanding will not be required.  Simply allow your decking to thoroughly dry (normally a minimum of 24 hours, longer if you live in a wetter climate) and re-finish if you would like.

Using a cleaner and/or brightener formulated for hardwood decks is also an option.  Messmer’s makes one we like.  You can also use oxygen bleach (never chlorine bleach) by mixing a small amount of powder with warm water and applying to an already well hosed down deck.  Let sit for a few minutes and then gently clean with a nylon brush.  Hose down again after.

Whatever cleaning method you use, as long as you exercise caution, you should have a brand new looking deck in no time.

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