Save on KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles

KAYU Batu Deck Tiles are easy to install
KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles are easy to install using provided deck tile fasteners. Entire projects can be done in hours!

Currently offering 5% off our already amazingly priced deck tiles.  Additional discounts available when purchased in large quantities.

KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles are a quick, high quality and long lasting solution for transforming any flat surface in record time.

  • Constructed using 100% clear grade, kiln dried, durable imported Red Balau Batu hardwood
  • Naturally resistant to fire, termites and fungus.
  • Eco friendly, sustainably sourced
  • Perfect for fans of “Do it Yourself” projects.
  • Installation is easy.  Simply place the provided aluminum clips into the grooves on the bottom of the tiles.  No need for nails, glue or additional fasteners.
  • Deck tiles will stay in place as long as you wish.  They can also be picked up and reinstalled in a new location.
  • Easy to ship small or large orders
  • Can be purchased in increments of four tiles, as many or a few as you want.
  • Infinite uses, both outside and inside your home
  • Currently available in 20″ X 20″ reeded (non-slip) or smooth faced.
  • Our revolutionary 40″ X 40″ (the first of its kind) will be available March 2013.  Now accepting pre-orders.

For pricing and availability, please contact KAYU today.

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