FAQ Deck Tiles

Question and Answers:  KAYU® Hardwood Deck Tiles

Q. Where can KAYU®  Deck Tiles be used?
A.  Perfect for porches, patios, around the pool and spa. Revitalize a tired concrete slab or spruce up an old wood deck. KAYU® Deck Tiles install best on hard surfaces (i.e., concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.), but can also be installed on semi-hard surfaces, such as lawn or dirt after laying down a weed control fabric. Bring the deck tiles inside to create a warm hallway or sun room. Be creative! They can be used just about anywhere.


Q. Can you use the Deck tiles Outdoors?
A. Yes, these tiles are made for outdoor or indoor use. The hardwoods that KAYU selects are from specially selected species which are extremely durable, dense, rot resistant, and tight grained; and, proven to withstand extreme temperatures and varied climates. KAYU®  Deck Tiles are insect, fire, temperature and weather resistant.


Q. Does the wood need to be acclimated to my local climate?
A. No, there is no need to acclimate the wood to your local climate because all of KAYU’s wood is already Kiln-dried (KD). Kiln-Dried wood uses processes of heat and humidity to guide the drying of the wood. KD is far superior with highly consistent results.

KD is a huge advantage, not only is the wood dried uniformly to a precise 12-14%; the wood is stable and shrinkage is done, losing most its water during the drying process, it is far lighter in weight. At KAYU International, we value consistency, so our KAYU ® Deck Tiles are 100% Kiln-Dried.


Q. Can they be put over an existing worn wood deck?
A. Yes, this is a great way to get the look of a new deck without all the expense. Make sure that the surface and supporting framework are structurally sound.


Q. Will KAYU® Deck Tiles hold up to both cold and hot weather conditions?
A. Yes, The wood stability is not affected by cold or heat. Able to withstand the rigors of harsh climates in tropical and frozen winters, making them a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use. We recommend off-season dismantle u0026amp; storage of on ground applications.


Q. How does the price of the wood deck tiles compare to a traditional deck?
A. Save… Save… Save….  DIY with KAYU® Deck Tiles.  No expensive contractors, or labor bills, costs of tools and time.  The bigger the space, the more you save. KAYU® Deck Tiles are sustainably less costly than an average hardwood deck, made with the same species.

Create a custom hardwood floor without spending a fortune, enhancing the look of your deck and patio is affordable!  No expensive contractors, DIY with KAYU ® Deck Tiles interlocking deck tiles and save on Material, Supplies, Time


Q. Do I need to prepare the surface?
A. Not really, just clean the surface of any debris or dirt. The tiles are ready to install right out of the box. However, if the tiles are installed directly on the ground, then a weed control fabric should be laid down first.


Q. What tools will I need?
A. The KAYU®  Deck Tiles  hardwood interlocking tiles have an interlocking design base for easy “Do-It-Yourself” installation, using the DeckWise® Deck Tile System. Attach tiles together with no tools required!  No messy glue, no nails, no staples. Perfect match and precision spacing between every tile, every time, guaranteed. They are ready to use right out of the box.


Q. How long and how hard is it to install a deck or patio?
A. Depending on the size, most decks can be installed in one to two hours. If the tiles have to be cut to go around curved edges or pipes it may take extra time.


Q. I’m not very handy, what skill level is required to install the tiles?
A. Installing the tiles is just about as easy as putting together Legos. The KAYU® Deck Tiles inter-lock securely and precisely in place by placing the clips into the grooves on the bottom side of the tile. Alignment of the tiles is automatic so you just extend the deck in whichever direction you want without any alignment problems. You only need to be able to use a handsaw or jigsaw if it is necessary to cut any tiles to fit around pipes or to fit a final row of tiles against a retaining wall or the outside deck edge.


Q. Can the tiles be installed on a surface that is not completely level?
A. Yes, The KAYU®  Deck Tiles install best on hard surfaces (i.e., concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.), but can also be installed on semi-hard surfaces, such as lawn or dirt. Bring the Deck Tiles inside to create a warm hall way or sun room.


Q. Can the tiles be installed on grass or bare ground?
A. Yes, the tiles can be installed on grass or bare ground that is relatively flat. You can use them as tiles for a pathway. In order to prevent grass or weeds to grow up through the spaces between the slats, it is recommended that you lay down a weed control fabric first.


Q. Can I install them in different patterns?
A. Yes, the Tiles can be installed in a straight direction or turned to create any pattern creating a warm and unique living space.


Q. What if I have a post or a curved area on my patio or deck?
A. Simply cut the DIY KAYU ® Deck Tiles deck tiles with a jigsaw or handsaw. Be sure to remove any clips that might be in the way and then re-place the clips after you have cut the tile. Cut through the wood and the grid at one time.


Q. Can I use the tiles on stairs or steps?
A. Yes, however you must secure the tiles to the steps to avoid any movement.


Q. If the tiles are not secured to the floor, will they move?
A. No, the tiles will not move as they are locked together and the weight of the total tiles locked together will not move.


Q. How do I clean the tiles?
A. You can clean the deck tiles as you would any traditional deck; with a broom, blower, garden hose or pressure washer.  Like all wood product, routine long term maintenance is ideal to maintain color richness.  Or if preferred, tiles can be left natural to a soft silver-grey. Periodically power washing is advised.


Q. Does the sun have any effect on the wood?
A. Over time, all hardwood decks and furniture will eventually fade and turn a soft silver-grey. To keep the wood color as long as possible, it is recommended that you treat the deck with a good quality hardwood decking oil approximately every 6-12 months depending on your climate conditions. Or if preferred, tiles can be left natural to a soft silver-grey patina.

A natural and HUDGE benefit of KAYU® International’s 100% real wood is that even if you choose to leave your deck a soft silver-grey  patina color for years or even decades, you can restore the look of a treated deck at any time.  Clean, Wash and Oil, that’s it!  Brings your deck back to its original warm tone.


Q. Can the KAYU ®  Deck Tiles be removed once they are installed?
A. Yes, the tiles can be easily taken up and re-installed in a new location.

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