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You’ll Find an Overview of Our Exotic Hardwood Products Below With Links to Our Product Detail Pages. Kayu ® International Was Founded in 1994 and Is a Direct Importer of the Finest Exotic Hardwood for the U.S. And Canadian Markets; Providing Decades of High Quality Hardwood, Dependable Service at Affordable Prices.

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Hardwood Decking

KAYU® Batu™ Exotic Hardwood Decking | Tropical Deck by New York Architects & Building Designers Incorporated

KAYU® Batu™ Is Uniquely Beautiful, Darker Reddish-Brown in Color and an Incredibly Durable Red Balau Hardwood Species. Its Dense Cell Structure Serves as a Natural Deterrent to Decay, Insects and Molds. Reliable for Longevity, Durability and Relatively Low-Maintenance. Class-A Flame Spread Rating, 100% Clear Grade, Kiln Dried and Always Double Inspected by KAYU Exclusive Graders. One of the Finest Quality Hardwoods on the Market and a Proven Performer.

KAYU® Mahogany™ | Modern Porch by Spokane Architects & Building Designers Uptic Studios

KAYU® Borneo-Mahogany™ Possesses an Incredible Combination of Beauty, Performance, Strength and Durability That Is Rare Even Among the Finest Decking Materials. Resisting Problems Such as Termite and Insect Damage, Mold Caused by Humidity and Deterioration Caused by Snow and Summer Heat. 100% Clear Grade, Kiln Dried, Smoothly Finished and Always Double Checked by KAYU Exclusive Graders.Bor

KAYU® Golden™ | Contemporary Deck by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen

KAYU® Golden™ Is a Mixture of Warm Golden-Reddish-Browns and Golden Light-Browns. Typically Chosen for Its Rich Hue and Subtle Grain. A Carefully Selected Balau/Bangkirai Hardwood Species and One of the Hardest, Strongest and Most Durable of All Hardwoods; Highly Resistant to Decay, Insects and Molds. Class-A Flame Spread Rating, 100% Clear Grade, Kiln Dried and Always Double Inspected by KAYU Exclusive Graders.

KAYU® Genuine Teak™ | Tropical Deck by Miami Beach Specialty Contractors Cape Reed Group

KAYU® Genuine Teak™ Has Long Been a Top Choice for Outdoor Decking, Due to Its Warm Golden Brown Color and Durability. The Close-Grained Hardwood With Natural High Oil and Silica Content Makes a Wonderful Natural Resistant Wood. Highly Resistant to Any Rotting and Almost Impervious to the Effects of Hot Sun, Rain, Frost or Snow, It Has Been the Choice of Boat Builders for Many Centuries.

KAYU® Apitong (Keruing)™ | Available from our truck decking website at www.kayutruckdecking.com

KAYU® Apitong (Keruing)™ Is the Toughest Truck and Trailer Flooring Material of Any Kind. Optimized for Strength and Durability, Providing Strength Up to Two Times That of Oak. An Extremely Popular Choice in the Transportation Industry Who Demands Flooring Material That Is Durable, Sustainable and Still Very Affordable. Low Maintenance; Apitong Can Be Used for Any Type of Truck and Trailer Flooring.

KAYU® Exterior Siding™ | Contemporary Exterior by Milwaukee Interior Designers & Decorators Karen Kempf Interiors

KAYU® Exterior Siding™ Nothing Will Affect the Appearance of Your Home or Business More Dramatically Than the Exterior Siding You Choose. KAYU® Exterior Hardwood Siding™ Provides You With a Great Way to Add Color and Definition to Your House or Business and at the Same Time Provide Benefits in Terms of Protecting From Weathering Damage to Your Structure.

KAYU® Interior Paneling™ | Contemporary Staircase by Seattle Architects & Building Designers grouparchitect

KAYU® Interior Paneling™ Provides You With a Great Way to Design Your Perfect Space to Suit the Architectural Style of Your House or Business. Hardwood for Siding Has Been in Use for Centuries and Exotic Hardwood Is Quickly Becoming a Popular Choice for Both Residential and Commercial Projects. Natural Beauty, Durability, Resistance to Insects, Mold and Mildew Make Hardwood a Very Attractive Choice.

KAYU® Fencing & Gate™ | Tropical Landscape by Kamuela Interior Designers & Decorators Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID

KAYU® Fencing & Gate™ Is an Ideal Way to Beautify Your Home, Keep Pets and Children Safe, and Provide Privacy. No Matter What Your End Goal, Our Exotic Hardwood Is Available to Make Your Dreams Become a Reality. We Offer Our KAYU® Hardwood Fencing and Gate Material in KAYU® Batu™, KAYU® Golden™, KAYU® Sapphire™, KAYU® Mahogany™, KAYU® Siap (Prefinished)™, KAYU® Apitong (Keruing)™.

KAYU® Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ Are a Carefully Selected Meranti Hardwood That Is Primed Two Times (2x) With a Uniform Gray Color. Highly Stable and Sturdy, Rot Resistant, 100% Clear Grade, 100% Kiln Dried, Smoothly Finished and Always Doubled Inspected by KAYU Exclusive Graders. Superior Substrate, Square Edge Corner and Excellent Paint Holding Fiber.

KAYU ® International Offers Decking Accessories That Aid Installation and Durability and Compliment the Beauty of Our Exotic Hardwoods and Keep Your Premium Hardwood Looking Amazing Through All Sorts of Weather.

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