Premium Ready to Go Hardwood Decking

KAYU Siap Hardwood Decking
KAYU Siap Pre Finished Hardwood Decking Comes Ready to Install

Has your old Cedar deck gotten you down?  Have you been waiting years to replace it but just can’t find the time?  Are you looking for a high quality, durable hardwood deck you won’t have to replace again for decades?  KAYU Siap Pre Finished Hardwood Decking is your perfect solution.

KAYU Siap Pre Finished decking is a durable imported hardwood with a beautiful Mahogany finish.  No need to stain or oil, simply install!  The best part is we have found a way to offer this “ready to go” decking at a price even the most budget conscious people will enjoy.  Just ask your local KAYU dealer where you can find it.


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