Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti

KAYU ® Mahogany (DRM) Decking

Understanding about Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti:
KAYU ® Mahogany (DRM) Decking
KAYU ® Mahogany (DRM) Decking

Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti is among the most commonly used decking types. This is popular because it’s 100% clear grade type of hardwood which is native to Southeast Asian countries. The botanical name of Dark Red Meranti is Shorea acuminata. There is much more to know about this species. And, this article will help you in understanding about Dark Red Meranti in a better way.

Various Names Adopted by this Species:

Dark Red Meranti has adopted various names in different regions and it is most commonly called by the name ‘DRM’. It is being referred to as ‘Philippine Mahogany’ as the species is originating from the countries like:

  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Brunei
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia

Another common name for this species is ‘Lauan’ which is popularly being used in Philippines. In Sabah, this species is called by the name ‘Seraya’. Several numbers of South-East species are more likely to be included under Dark Red Meranti or under the alternative names like:

  • Dark Red Seraya
  • Dark Red Lauan
  • Oba Suluk
  • Bukit

Some other vernacular names for this species are:

  • Meranti ketuko
  • Meranti Merah
  • Meranti merah tua
  • Dark red Lauan
  • Dark Red Philippines Mahogany
  • Mayapis
  • Red lauan
  • Tangile
  • Tiaong
  • Saya
  • Saya-Daeng

Appearance and Texture of DRM Decking:

The DRM hardwood decking would typically give a dark reddish or purplish brown color appearance with white resin streaks present. The grain of DRM could be either straight or interlocked. And, DRM would have a coarse texture along with the low natural luster. The pore size of DRM would range from medium to large sizes.

Workability of Dark Red Meranti:

The Dark Red Meranti is generally easy to work with. However, any of the interlocked grain could present us with problems during planning. Moreover, this species is reported to have poor steam-bending properties. Some species would have a slight blunting effect over tools due to smaller levels of silica that are present in the wood. The decking could be finished well using glues and stains.

How to Achieve Great Results with Dark Red Meranti?

For the purpose of achieving greater results with Dark Red Meranti decking, I would suggest you to apply oil finish to its surface. This is because; it will tend to weather into a silver patina if left untreated. However, you do not have to worry even if the wood has already weathered.  Many people actually prefer the silver patina look and choose to let their decking weather.  Either way, the wood is beautiful.  Yes, you can apply the oil even after the wood has weathered in order to bring back the mahogany look. Thus, the wood could remain stronger and beautiful for years if it is well-maintained by you.

Some of the Notable Characteristics of DRM:

One of the most notable characteristics of DRM decking is that it would remain naturally beautiful for generations. It has proven performances under extreme conditions. The DRM hardwood decking would show resistance against:

  • Decay
  • Insects
  • Fungal attack
  • Abrasion
  • Wear
  • Dents
  • Fire

More importantly, as the DRM is a dense hardwood species, it requires only the minimum maintenance.

It is due to all the aforementioned properties of the species, this is being employed commonly in making furniture, interior finishing, flooring and in decking.

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