KAYU Primed Mahogany Trimboards™

Finish Trim Your Home with Confidence; Build with KAYU ® Trimboards

Our KAYU Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ hardwood is a carefully selected Meranti hardwood that is primed two times (2x) with a uniform Gray color. Highly stable and sturdy,  rot resistant, 100% clear grade, 100% kiln dried, smoothly finished and always doubled checked by KAYU exclusive graders.  Superior substrate, square edge corner and excellent paint holding fiber.

Available in standard 16”              1X4 thru 1×12    &    5/4×4 thru 5/4×12

KAYU ®   –Legendary Performance

KAYU Primed Mahogany Trimboards™
KAYU Primed Mahogany Trimboards™



KAYU Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ hardwood should be your first choice for Outdoor trim; used by Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Homeowners.  It is among one of the high quality products imported by KAYU ® International from SE Asia. KAYU ® Trimboards is a proven performer for over 100 years, well known in the yachting realm; here in the US market and all over the world.


As tough as they are beautiful

KAYU Primed Mahogany Trimboards™|Traditional Exterior by Guilford Architects & Building Designers CK Architects

Aside from KAYU Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ being one of homeowners’ favorite species because of its natural warm feel and paint holding characteristics, it is an incredibly strong and stable wood. Its dense cell structure and spiral grain serve as a natural deterrent to insects, decay, and molds. Its quality is tried and tested over time and its sturdiness is of no doubt why it is often used in the construction of projects that require water-resistant woods like sail boats (i.e. Cris-Craft boats), boat docks, bridges or watercraft ramps.

Woods of high density are more preferable to homeowners and builders these days.  They are more reliable for their longevity, durability and relatively low-maintenance requirements.  Incidents of weather and pest damages are unusual when properly maintained; one of KAYU Mahogany Primed Trimboards™ strongest attributes is being able to withstand these conditions.

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