KAYU Picks Kreg Deck Jig™ for Concealed Fastening

Kreg LogoThe best hardwood deck deserves the best fastening system.  That is why KAYU’s top pick for concealed fastening systems is the Kreg Deck Jig™.

If you are like the majority of people out there today, you are not interested in seeing screws or nails on top of your beautiful, exotic hardwood deck.  The Kreg Deck Jig™ allows the natural beauty of your KAYU hardwood decking to be seen without interference.  So if you want KAYU’s top pick for concealed fastening, pick Kreg Deck Jig.

For more information on the Kreg Deck Jig visit their website or contact KAYU for information how to purchase your jig for your KAYU decking.

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