KAYU on the Environment

KAYU International, Inc. believes wood is one of the world’s most essential resources and is devoted to operating solely in countries that enforce strict environmental policies.

There are many misconceptions that logging is equivalent with clear cutting or deforestation. Deforestation occurs when every tree in an area is removed and converted into non forest land such as farms, plantations or for commercial use. KAYU only imports species in plentiful supply and are all selectively logged. Even recycled materials cannot compare environmentally to wood. KAYU’s products are entirely natural and fully recyclable. When compared to plastics, aluminums, steels etc., wood wins every time. Even the amount of energy used to ship, harvest and recycle wood is marginal compared with other building materials.

The Lacey Act, which came into effect on May 22nd, 2008 made it illegal to import certain plants and plant products without an import declaration. This is something KAYU takes very seriously, always having the chain of custody and can supply the documentation for any load. Simply put, KAYU imports 100% legal wood. All the time.

Not only is all of our wood completely legal, natural and recyclable, KAYU cares about the entire supply chain, right from the beginning. Most mills are medium sized and family owned. We have also had the same local buyers for over 25 years which proves our dedication and consistency. Our owner makes no less than two visits to the mills per year, over 90 during the past 25 years. While checking in on things, logging processes are always witnessed and closely monitored.

In summary, all the harvesting done both in Malaysia and Indonesia for KAYU is under strict control and is limited and selectively logged. We supervise and guarantee it!

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