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Exhibits Apitong /Keruing  – Mid-America Truck Show 2016 (MATS)

KAYU® International, Inc. participated in this year’s Mid-America Truck show event which was held for 3 days from March 31st to April 2nd at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The event showcased products from the automotive industry.

Our KAYU® team was at the exhibit informing the transportation industry about KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing) ™; the leading hardwood in use today for truck and trailer flooring.

(Picture courtesy of Jim Allen | https://www.truckstockimages.com/)

The event was a huge success thanks to Natalie Smith, Steve Wilson and Waldo Maya who attended the MATS 2016 event in Kentucky; as well as having their support team at the Kayu corporate office in Wilsonville, Oregon.

The transportation industry demands flooring material that is sustainable, durable and still very affordable; thus, the 70,000 plus attendees were more than enthusiastic to discuss the many advantages of buying KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™ hardwood.

During and since the MATS 2016 Truck and Trailer flooring event, KAYU® has been busy responding to the numerous questions, quotes and shipping orders we have received for KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™ hardwood.


MATS 2016, KY
Pictures courtesy of Jim Allen http://www.truckstockimages.com/)

KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing) ™ hardwood is highly reliable for; low maintenance, longevity and durability. Optimized for Strength & Durability, providing strength up to two times that of oak. Low to zero maintenance, Keruing is an extremely popular choice in the transportation industry who demands flooring material that is durable, sustainable and still very affordable.

Buy Direct from the Source


We invite you to read more about KAYU® International and our Apitong Truck and Trailer Flooring. Offering rough lumber, shiplap, S4S, Tie down slats, T&G, Bullnose and more.


The Transportation Industry in USA and Canada Relies on

KAYU ® International

Trailer and Truck Hardwood Flooring
Trailer and Truck Hardwood Flooring


Find out for yourself why so many of our customers are taking advantage of buying Apitong (Keruing) from KAYU® ,  who is one of the world’s largest serving Direct importer of Hardwood. Buying direct from the source in SE Asia and having the hardwood shipped directly to our warehouse, allows the advantage of providing quality and savings to our customers.

(Picture courtesy of Jim Allen | https://www.truckstockimages.com/)




In Stock and Ready to Ship!

We have built a very strong and large client base in USA and Canada and have an equally strong hold in the global market for about 22 years. Offering a full line of exotic hardwoods from SE Asia for the commercial construction and the home improvement industry, to our purpose-focused Trailer and Truck Flooring – Apitong wood. Our warehouses are stocked year round and are located on both the West and East coast.

Trailer and Truck Hardwood Flooring
Trailer and Truck Hardwood Flooring


Our most popular

Trailer and Truck Hardwood Flooring Selections:

• Rough Lumber
• Tie Down Slats
• T&G
• E4E
• Shiplap
• Bullnose
• S4S






Common uses for Keruing – Apitong Hardwood Flooring:

• Big Rig Truck Decking, Semi-Trucks and Trailers, Truck Floors, Truck Beds, Horse Trailer Flooring, Railroad Cars and Flatcars, Platforms, Shiplap Decks, Rough Truck Decks, Drop Deck Trailers, Low Boy Trailer Decks, Dry Vans, Containers, Bodies and Reefers, Custom Design Trailers, Restoration Truck Decking, Flatbed Trailers, Railway Ties, Telephone Pole Cross Arms, Military Trailers, Containers… and so much more.

For more information about Kayu ® International, Inc. and the services/products we offer, you can visit our official website through this link www.kayu.com or Kayutruckdecking.com. Based in the USA we can offer you with the best solutions possible at affordable prices.


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