KAYU® Exotic Hardwood vs Western Red Cedar Softwood

Compare Exotic Hardwood vs Western Red Cedar Softwood


KAYU® International, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is one of the world’s largest serving Direct Importers of  Premium Exotic Hardwood for the U.S. & Canadian markets; providing decades of High-Quality Hardwood, Dependable Service at Surprisingly Affordable Prices.


KAYU® Exotic Hardwood and Western Red Cedar (WRC) Softwood are both prized for their beauty and are highly recognizable proven performers. However, when comparing the two for any exterior application, Kayu® believes their skillfully selected exotic hardwood species from SE Asia will consistently out-perform and out-last Cedar Softwood.

KAYU’s® exotic hardwood species are favorably sought-after and recognized for their unrivaled strength and unparalleled beauty. Our Kayu® brand is widely recognized as one of the hardest and most stable wood species in the world. Unlike many species of wood, our exotic hardwood grows in SE Asia year-long, creating a superior dense cell and interlocking grain.  Because of this natural resilience and superior strength to weight ratio Kayu® Hardwoods can withstand greater stresses and movement.

 Its dense cell structures serve as a natural deterrent to decay, insects and mold.  Reliable for longevity, durability and low-maintenance.  Our wood has been tested and proven for over 100 years in the most demanding and extreme applications.  Kayu’s® hardwood is for those Who Demand Quality and Expect Beauty with Consistent Perfection.



    • Kayu® Hardwoods Do Not have natural tannins, compared to cedar and other softwoods that react with fasteners leaving unsightly black streaks.


    • Kayu® has excellent paint holding fibers; allowing oil-based stain or paint to be applied to both the smooth and rough-sawn side, which will readily absorb the coating. Contrasting with cedar, the finish has a shorter holding span and probably should only be finished on the rough-sawn side.


    • Unlike Cedar and many species of wood, our Kayu® exotic hardwood grows in SE Asia year-long, creating a superior dense cell and interlocking grain. Naturally creating the advantage of graying and aging without compromising its structural stability. Furthermore, interlocking grain allows fasteners to have a superior hold.


    • Kayu® stocks species that are Class A Flame Spread for fire (same as concrete and steel), The flame spread rating for Western Red Cedar is only 45 (Class B rating).


    • Kayu’s® range of hardwoods are stable and known to be one of the most durable, dent, scratch and surface checking resistant hardwoods available on the market; Expansion and shrinkage are usually much less.
    • Kayu® Hardwoods provides additional value at the Job site with material waste being reduced considerably from less board split and breakage, compared to Cedar.


    • Kayu® is 100% natural and 100% organic, with no preservatives or additives.


    • Kayu® is 100% clear grade and primarily heartwood; always inspected by KAYU SE Asia Graders.


    • Kayu® values providing premium quality consistency with all our species; board to board and load to load. Cedar is notorious for having knots and unless a consumer is willing to pay a premium price for clear grade cedar, they can expect boards with knots plus defects.


    • Kayu® is skillfully kiln-dried for consistent application, board to board, using a first-rate sophisticated process of computer and operator controlled heat and humidity to adjust and regulate the drying of the boards.


    • Kayu® is low & easy maintenance; allow to weather to silver patina color or clean, wash & oil to bring back the woods natural beauty & warmth. Our wood can easily be pressure washed after a few years without tearing/ripping out grain, or leaving a fuzzy finish like Cedar or Redwood. This allows a new like finish to be achieved every few years.


    • Kayu® has more than 30 years of market history and during this time we’ve demonstrated consistent and reasonable price increases. Many other wood species have experience with significant duties or trade wars causing fluctuation of prices.


    • Kayu® warehouses are stocked year-round and are strategically located nation-wide on both the West Coast and East Coast. Stocked with Premium even length boards, available year-round with complimentary product’s.


    • For applications that require it, Kayu® stocks hardwood species with more insulation value and less weight.


    • Kayu® is selectively Logged only from Malaysia and Indonesia, world Leaders in sustainable forestry practices. 100% Lacey Act and SVLK compliant.


KAYU® Hardwood vs WRC Softwood
KAYU® Hardwood vs WRC Softwood
KAYU® Hardwood vs WRC Softwood
KAYU® Hardwood vs WRC Softwood

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