Kayu® Borneo-Mahogany™ aka Philippine Mahogany


KAYU®Borneo-Mahogany™  also known as Meranti & Philippine Mahogany – an incredible combination of Beauty and Performance. A proven Mother Nature performer for 100+ years in the most extreme and demanding applications. 100% clear grade, Kiln Dried. Same Wood that was use on the Chris Craft Boats for 100 years until they changed to fiberglass.

A proven 100% clear grade, kiln dried for consistency. A consistent lighter colored wood with a Density between 450-520.  Higher than Western Red Cedar and same as Douglas Fir

For siding, soffits, it’s a delight to work with and still recommend predrilling at the ends but not necessary, the ends don’t split and there is very little job site breakage.  Nailing… with an Air Gun is excellent, builders are amazed at the ease. An excellent paint holding fibers; allowing oil-based stain or paint to be applied and readily absorbed. Perhaps, best of all, is the ease and ability to refinish or even change the color.

Kayu® Borneo Mahogany™ Siding
Kayu® Borneo Mahogany™ Siding and Soffits


  • 100% natural and 100% organic, with no preservatives or additives.
  • Wood grain that naturally saturates stain and oil with superior ease and an expert deep finish.
  • 100% clear grade
  • Kiln dried for consistent application.
  • Reliable for longevity and durability.
  • Low and easy maintenance; allow to weather to silver patina color or clean, wash & oil to bring back the decks natural beauty and warmth.
  • Naturally resistant to decay, insects and mold.
  • Proven performer for decades in marine/pleasure boating industry for over 100 years; classic yacht wood above and below waterline.

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