KAYU Batu versus Ipe

KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck
A beautiful deck constructed with KAYU Batu

KAYU Batu is a carefully selected Balau hardwood species imported from Indonesia.  This gorgeous Mahogany like wood is 100% natural, non-toxic, real wood.  Prior to shipment, every piece of KAYU Batu is inspected by a KAYU exclusive grader in South East Asia and then again at one of KAYU’s warehouses once it arrives in the United States or Canada.  KAYU Batu is about the easiest type of decking to maintain and also comes with a 25 year limited warranty.  Below are just a few ways KAYU Batu compares with Ipe Hardwood Decking:


KAYU Batu Versus Ipe


  • KAYU Batu has a Class “A” Flame Spread Rating. Due to density variations and other factors, Ipe doesn’t always earn this top rating.
  • KAYU Batu has a greater value, generally priced between 30-50% lower than Ipe.
  • KAYU Batu is kiln dried and has virtually no shrinkage. On the contrary Ipe is air dried with some boards susceptible to shrinkage and some to expansion.
  • The color of KAYU Batu is much more consistent piece to piece and load to load than Ipe.
  • KAYU Batu is more beautiful with a more traditional Chris Craft boat Mahogany look.
  • KAYU Batu’s grain accepts stain and oil with greater ease than Ipe.
  • KAYU Batu is more exclusive than Ipe due to more strict environmental controls.
  • Ipe is prone to more surface checking and cracking than KAYU Batu.

For more information on how KAYU Batu differs from Ipe Hardwood decking, contact a knowledgeable member of the KAYU International team today.

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