KAYU®- Batu ™ Hardwood versus IPE Hardwood

KAYU® Batu ™ is uniquely beautiful; darker reddish-brown in color and is a carefully selected Red Balau hardwood species; the result of over 30 years of extensive worldwide importing of hardwoods for the U.S. and Canadian markets. A proven performer for decades.


KAYU®- Batu ™ Hardwood Decking
KAYU®- Batu ™ Hardwood Decking


Batu and Ipe are two of the highest density, quality and performance hardwoods available today. Both prized for their beauty and durability. Both hardwoods can range from moderate to higher priced decking, depending on species, sizing and grade of material. Because these hardwood decking species last so long, they are considered the lowest priced decking material over their life-span. When choosing your hardwood deck material, it is important to have an understanding of the different choices you have.
We are confident you will agree KAYU® is the finest Exotic hardwood material of any kind, from anywhere in the world. We feel so strongly about KAYU®-Batu™ that we offer it with a 25 year limited warranty.

KAYU®- Batu ™


KAYU®- Batu ™

At KAYU® International we feel that when it comes to consistency and value, there is no better choice than KAYU® Batu. Here are a few other reasons why you want to purchase KAYU® Batu.

KAYU®- Batu ™ is typically priced 30-50% lower than Ipe.   Ipe is the second hardest hardwood in the world, and it is also the most expensive. While Ipe is the most well-known type of hardwood, there are many variations of wood that have similar characteristics of density, durability, strength and beauty, yet don’t carry the same price tag.

 Yes, Ipe is a little denser than KAYU®- Batu ™. However, when is too much of something a bad thing? Batu does not need the fastener strength that Ipe does and receives finish much better. Easier to install. How dense does your decking hardwood need to be? (See density chart).

KAYU®- Batu ™ has a Class “A” Flame Spread Rating (same as Concrete and Steel). Based on its originating region, Ipe has inconsistency and density variations which don’t always warrant the highest class rating.


 All our KAYU®-Batu™ is double inspected by KAYU exclusive graders and is 100% Kiln dried (KD). Our Kiln-Dried lumber uses a highly sophisticated process of computer and operator controlled heat and humidity to adjust and regulate the drying of the lumber. KD has an enormous advantage, not only is the wood dried uniformly to a precise 12-14% MC; the wood is stable and shrinkage is done, losing most its water during the drying process, resulting in far less weight. With true Kiln-dried wood, there will be no Kiln stick-marks or mold on the wood. Our KAYU wood is carefully monitored by Kiln dryers that are highly technical and have the advantages of modern-day computerized programming. Proven drying cycles that are extremely accurate and consistent; load to load and board to board, Kiln-dried is far superior to Air-dried (AD) with highly consistent results.

Because of the current high demand for Ipe, many of the conflicting mill owners do not have the time to dry the wood properly and meet the consumer demands. This may result in higher prices and with the lumber being shipped too early, still in the “green/wet” state. This is problematic for the lumber companies when the lumber arrives moldy and sticker stained. In addition, the lumber can be grown from different areas of the large South America region and intermingled during the shipping and sales process, creating additional inconsistency.
If the Ipe is Air dried lumber, it is typically left to dry outside in inconsistent areas and conditions, weather and length of time. Ipe air dried lumber typically results in large variations of moisture percentages and quality. The problems that occur with the AD process is often with the wood not drying evenly and at 22-35% MC; leaving some of the boards susceptible to shrinkage and some to expansion.

 Compare KAYU®-Batu™ vs. Many feel that Batu provides more warmth and beauty; lasting for generations with a more traditional Chris Craft boat Dark Red Mahogany look.

KAYU®-Batu™ grain receives stain and oil with greater ease than Ipe.

KAYU®-Batu™ is uniquely beautiful; darker reddish-brown in color and is a carefully selected Red Balau hardwood species which tends to have more consistency with color; board to board and load to load than Ipe.

KAYU®-Batu™ can be more elite than Ipe, having only one grade, 100% clear grade verses Ipe which has 3-4 different grades.

KAYU®-Batu™ is more exclusive than Ipe due to stricter environment controls. All our wood is sustainably harvested from well managed forest. Kayu International is 100% Lacey Act and SVLK compliant











Contact KAYU International using the form below or call today (888) 558-5298 for a local Distributor.








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