Kiln Dryers in Indonesia

KAYU® 100% Kiln-Dried Hardwood

At KAYU® International, we value high-quality consistency so all of our Hardwood is 100% Kiln-Dried.

KAU®-100% kiln-Dried Hardwood
KAU®-100% kiln-Dried Hardwood


One of the most crucial fundamentals to woods strength and performance over time is to consistently dry the wood to its optimum moisture content (MC). The two methods of drying are Kiln-Dried (KD) or Air-Dried (AD).

All our KAYU® Exotic Hardwood is 100% Kiln-Dried (KD) and inspected twice in SE Asia by our exclusive graders before the wood is shipped. Our Kiln-Dried lumber uses a highly sophisticated process of computer and operator-controlled heat and humidity to adjust and regulate the drying of the lumber.

Kiln-Dried has an enormous advantage, not only is the wood dried uniformly to a precise 12-14% MC; the wood is stable & shrinkage is done. Losing most of its water during the drying process, resulting in far less weight.

With true Kiln-Dried wood, there will be no Kiln stick-marks or mold on the wood. Our KAYU® Exotic Hardwood is carefully monitored by Kiln dryers that are highly technical and have the advantages of modern-day computerized programming.

Proven drying cycles that are extremely accurate and consistent; load to load and board to board, Kiln-Dried hardwood is far superior to Air-Dried with highly consistent results.

Hardwood lumber that is Air-Dried, is typically left outside to dry in inconsistent environments, spaces, conditions, weather, and length of time.  Air-Dried lumber typically results in large variations of moisture percentage and quality.

The problems that occur with the Air-Dried process is with the wood often times not drying evenly and at 22-35% MC; leaving some of the boards susceptible to shrinkage and some to expansion.

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