How to Clean your KAYU Deck

As we start seeing more sun, we crave time on our hardwood decks.  However, a dirty deck is just not as enjoyable as a freshly cleaned deck.  So its time to roll up our sleeves, get outside and begin cleaning.

For uncovered decks exposed to the elements and excessive debris, a cleaner normally needs to be used.  An oxygen bleach is more environmentally friendly than chlorine bleach and does a great job cutting through dirt.  As long as the product is left on a short amount of time and rinsed off, your deck can like new in no time.  Follow the steps below to get your deck cleaned and ready to enjoy:

  1. Sweep off all dirt and debris from your KAYU hardwood deck.
  2. Rinse off any remaining dirt with a garden hose and make sure entire deck is covered in water prior to cleaning with solution.
  3. Mix one cup of oxygen bleach in a bucket with one to two gallons of water (depending on strength of solution desired).
  4. Submerge a nylon scrub brush into cleaning solution and begin cleaning, moving brush in the direction of the wood grain. (Do not use metal brush)
  5. Continue cleaning until you have reached your desired level of cleanliness.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
  7. Let dry for at least 48 hours if you are following cleaning with re-staining your deck.

Alternatively, using a pressure washer to clean your KAYU deck can also do the trick.  Please exercise caution as some pressure washers can apply too much pressure which could potentially harm the wood.  Begin with a low setting, holding the tip of the pressure wand about three feet away from your deck.  Holding too close can cause erosion.  Once you have finished gently pressure washing your deck, let dry for a minimum of 48 hours before staining.

If you have additional questions regarding cleaning or staining your KAYU hardwood deck, please contact us.



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