Moose™ Batu (Red Balau)

Legendary Performance ™

Moose™ Batu (Red Balau)

Hardwood Species.  It is as Versatile as It is Uniquely Beautiful, Darker Reddish-Brown Color 

100% Natural and 100% Organic



Moose Batu Hardwood Decking

Moose™ Batu (Red Balau)

Is a Red Balau Hardwood Species. It is as Versatile as it is Uniquely Beautiful.  Darker Reddish-Brown in Color and Skillfully Selected.  The Result of Over 40 Years of Extensive Worldwide Importing of Hardwoods for the U.S. And Canadian Markets.


Aside from Moose™ Batu (Red Balau)

being a Top Choice for Homeowners for  Its Natural Warm Beauty and Long-Lasting Durability; Its Dense Cell Structure Serves as A Natural Deterrent to Decay, Insects and Mold. Class a Flame Spread Rating (Same as Concrete and Steel). 100% Clear Grade, Kiln Dried for Consistency and Always Double Checked by KAYU Exclusive Graders. A 25 Year Limited Warranty.  A Proven Performer of the Highest Quality Hardwood.

Moose™ Batu (Red Balau) December 1, 2023


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