Hardwood Decking and Flooring – Real Wood, There is NO Substitute

Don’t Just Build, Build A KAYU® Exotic Hardwood Deck


KAYU®-Batu™ carefully selected Red Balau
KAYU®-Batu™ carefully selected Red Balau

The Look of a New Generation, The Feel of Tradition

Adding a Hardwood deck can be an amazing way to turn an indoor / outdoor area into a truly attractive living space. KAYU® International exotic hardwoods are imported from Indonesia and Malaysia and have been a top choice for indoor /outdoor decking for decades; the outcome of 30 years of extensive worldwide importing of hardwood. Consistently providing the best quality hardwoods at affordable prices for our customers, decade after decade.

Premium Hardwood Decking Products from

Kayu ® International, Inc.


A trendy pattern we experience at KAYU®   is mixing different species of hardwood  to accentuate the different features of a living space.

The patio below represents KAYU®-Batu™, which is uniquely beautiful; darker reddish-brown in color and is a carefully select Red Balau imported from Indonesia.  The railing represents our KAYU®-Golden™, with a mixture of warm golden light-browns and is a carefully selected Balau / Bangkirai hardwood imported from Indonesia.


Deck in the Woods


KAYU® Exotic Hardwood Decking and Flooring  is Aesthetically Stunning and Time Proven to be Reliable for Low Maintenance, Longevity and Durability.


Kayu®   – Created By Nature, 100% Real Wood



While there are plenty of different materials and species to choose from, our carefully selected exotic hardwoods are simply the best; the result of over 30 years of extensive worldwide importing of hardwoods for the US and Canadian markets.

Build a Modern or Traditional Pool Bridge

KAYU®-Batu™, KAYU®-Golden™, KAYU®-Sapphire™, KAYU®-Mahogany™, KAYU®-Siap (prefinished)™

Green World Mahogany

KAYU®-Batu™ – 

 Review our full-line inventory of exotic hardwood outdoor / indoor decking on Kayu’s website.  We feel assured you will agree KAYU® is the highest premium Exotic Hardwood available on the market.
print out a brochure at the bottom of this blog with our full line products.


KAYU® provides you with  The Power to Build Your Best


Excellent choices for outdoor / Indoor decking and flooring

·         KAYU®-Batu™

·         KAYU®-Golden™

·         KAYU®-Sapphire™

·         KAYU®-Mahogany™

·         KAYU®-Siap (prefinished)™

·         KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™

·         KAYU®- Deck Tiles™

·         KAYU®-Exterior Siding™

·         KAYU®-Interior Paneling™

·         KAYU®- Fencing & Gate™

·         KAYU®-Mahogany Primed Trimboards™

·         KAYU®-Pre-finished Decking & Siding™

·         KAYU®-Posts™

·         KAYU®-Balusters™

·         KAYU®-Genuine Teak™

·         KAYU®-Tigerwood™


Offering: Truck & Trailer Flooring, rough lumber, boards, posts, balusters and more…  Red Balau, Mahogany, Balau, Bangkarai, Dark Red Meranti, Red Merbau, Apitong, Keruing, pre-finished sidings, trimboards.


The Malibu - Springridge, Wallan

KAYU®-Siap (prefinished)™|Photo by Davis Sanders Homes

Mahogany Deck Restorations

KAYU®-Sapphire™|  Photo by Seal-A-DeckMore deck photos


KAYU® We Bring Good Things To Life

Contact Kayu International for Your Exotic Hardwood Decking Needs, we have a Distributor in your area.
For more information about Kayu ® International, Inc. and the services/products we offer, you can visit our official website through this link www.kayu.com or Kayutruckdecking.com. Based in the USA we can offer you with the best solutions possible at affordable prices.



Kayu® International, Inc.
26099 SW 95th Ave, Suite #603 Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
Give us a Call: Phone: (888) 558-5298
Local: (503) 557-7296


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