Deck Tile Installation

KAYU ® Hardwood Deck Tiles™ Installation Guide

How to Install KAYU ® Tropical Deck Tiles™

Installing the tiles is just about as easy as putting together Legos. The KAYU ® Tropical Deck Tiles™ are pre-drilled to receive our tile connectors easily attaching them together.  Each connector comes with 4 ribbed pine tree clips already inserted for quickly snapping into tile fastener holes.  Every connector also comes with 4 molded score lines for easily cutting and trimming around decking edges, corners or any specific installation space needed.

Alignment of the tiles is automatic so you just extend the deck in whichever direction you want without any alignment problems. You only need to be able to use a handsaw or jigsaw if it is necessary to cut any tiles to fit around pipes or to fit a final row of tiles against a retaining wall or the outside deck edge.


Step 1 – Let’s get started!

There is no need to acclimate the wood to your local climate because all of KAYU’s wood is already Kiln-dried (KD).

The KD uses a process of computer and operator controlled heat and humidity to adjust and regulate the drying of the lumber. KD has an enormous advantage, not only is the wood dried uniformly to a precise 12-14% MC; the wood is stable and shrinkage is done, losing most its water during the drying process, resulting in far less weight. With true Kiln-dried wood, there will be no Kiln stick-marks or mold on the wood.

To accentuate and preserve the wood’s natural beauty, KAYU recommends using a finish with UV inhibitors to reduce fading from sunlight and a mildew retardant to minimize black mildew that may form in especially wet areas.

Step 2 – Design your deck

It’s a good idea to sketch on paper or physically place the tiles before you start in position on the space that you plan on installing the tiles.  You can easily create unique patterns, designs and borders by aligning the tiles in different directions.

And for all those who like to change the look of a room or space or if you don’t like the first design you’ve installed, you can simply lift up the tiles and re-install them in a different pattern.

Step 3 – Prepare the surface

Although KAYU ®  Deck Tiles™ can be laid over most hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, gravel, hard dirt), there should be no large cracks, bumps or slumps which could cause the tiles to lie unevenly or sway on the surface.  If the surface is particularly rough or cracked, it’s advisable to level the surface with a suitable exterior patching compound or filler. On hard dirt surfaces, sand or gravel, the surface should first be leveled, well compacted and then covered with a weed control barrier.  To provide good drainage under the tiles, the surface should normally slope slightly away from the outer wall of any structures.

Step 4 – Click the tiles in place

The wood-backed deck tiles are milled with four specifically designed ribbed pins.  For a secure fit, simply set one of the tiles onto the pre-installed fasteners. In most cases, it’s best to start laying the tiles from one of the outer corners of the area you want to cover and work inwards towards the exterior wall.  After you have positioned the first tile in the corner of your workspace, proceed by placing the other tiles onto the remaining pins.

By Design the deck tile connector set the gap spacing to 3/8” for an even appearance.  Push the second tile down firmly so that both tiles lock firmly together.  Repeat this simple “snap in place” process, working in a diagonal direction across the area.

For Corners and edges, cut the connector with a utility knife along the pre-molded grooves that mark the edges of the built-in spaces.  Bend the edges down to snap the connector in half. Repeat the same process to use a quarter of the connector to install on the corners of your deck tiles.  As a safety measure, always cut in the direction away from your body and hands.

Step 5 – Finishing touches

With the last row of tiles, you may need to cut some tiles to fit any remaining gap.  KAYU ® Deck Tiles™ can be easily cut with a handsaw, jigsaw or power saw; taking care the saw does not contact any of the screws in the base of the tile.  You can also cut the tiles to fit around posts or pipes.

To cut the tile parallel to the boards, remove the screws securing the boards that you want to cut off then trim the exposed backing.  You’ll have to drill a new hole in the corners to receive the deck tile connector.  To cut the tile perpendicular to the boards, first removed the center backing piece, then cut across the boards removed the backing from the discarded half of the tile and secure it to the part of you’re going to use.  Lastly, replace the center backing, which may have to be trimmed to fit.



It’s Time To Enjoy Your New Deck!


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