Cleaning and Staining Your New KAYU Hardwood Deck

Your beautiful new KAYU deck has just been installed and now it’s time for you to learn how to sustain its beauty. Like most things outdoor, your deck will be exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, snow and humidity. With just a few easy steps you can keep your deck looking immaculate for many years to come.

There are a few different methods for cleaning your KAYU deck. Many people have reported excellent results using a pressure washer, while others have had good luck using oxygen bleach. If your decision is to use a pressure washer, it is VERY important to place it in experienced hands. Though using one can provide much quicker results than scrubbing, it is very possible to apply too much pressure which can lead to erosion. If using a pressure washer sounds a bit risky, follow these simple cleaning steps.

  1. Gather your supplies together. You will need a garden hose, water, a bucket, a nylon scrub brush and oxygen bleach.
    1. Oxygen bleach is a better choice environmentally than chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach is simply hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. The oxygen bubbles do most of the cleaning work, as water does with a pressure washer. This method is less uncertain than using a pressure washer correctly.
  2. Sweep any dirt, leaves or other debris off your deck.
  3. Rinse off any extra dirt with your garden hose.
    1. Make sure to wet entire deck prior to adding solution.
  4. Mix one cup of oxygen bleach with one gallon of water in your cleaning bucket.
  5. Soak your nylon scrub brush into your solution and begin scrubbing your deck. Continue this process until your deck’s surface is clean.
    1. It is very important to avoid using metal or wire brushes on your hardwood deck, which will breakdown your wood prematurely.
  6. Thoroughly rinse with clean water.

Once your deck is completely clean, you can begin staining your deck. KAYU International recommends and stocks Messmer’s Clear UV Plus for Hardwood Decks which allows you to protect and enhance your deck’s natural beauty. A colored option is also available in this product. Make sure to check your local weather forecast prior to staining. It is essential that there are no rain showers within at least 48 hours of staining. Follow these easy staining steps for best results.

  1. If you just completed the above cleaning steps, resume your maintenance in a few days after your deck is totally dry.
  2. Cover all areas around deck you do not want stained, including plants, grass, concrete etc.
  3. Thoroughly stir or shake up your Messmer’s UV Plus stain.
    1. You will need one gallon of stain per every 250 square feet.
  4. Carefully apply ONE coat of Messmer’s UV Plus, making sure instructions on label are fully referenced.
    1. ALWAYS apply stain WITH the grain of the wood.
  5. After you have applied your first coat, wait 30 minutes then wipe, roll or brush out extra product puddled on the deck.
    1. If this step is not taken, you risk having shiny, gummy spots on your deck’s surface.
  6. Keep following the directions on the label to take care of clean up. It is essential to seal your container and dispose of brushes, rolls or any other waste appropriately.
  7. Normally UV Plus for Hardwoods only needs to be reapplied every year or two, depending on where you live. Cleaning your deck should be done a couple times a year.

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