Budget Friendly Mahogany Decking

KAYU Dark Red Mahogany Decking
KAYU Dark Red Meranti decking has a polished, fine furniture which when properly installed will last for generations.

Mahogany is known for its gorgeous reddish brown color, extreme durability and resistance to fungus, termites and rot.  When properly installed, Mahogany decking can last for decades, withstanding even some of the harshest climates.  You’ve seen fine, high quality furniture made from it, probably an antique boat or two, maybe even a hardwood deck.  You may have even thought to yourself, “that deck sure is pretty, but it is way out of my budget.”

What you may not know is there are several different types of Mahogany out there.  Philippine Mahogany includes most of the species included in the Shorea Genus, including Meranti.  KAYU Dark Red Meranti is a special select Meranti hardwood specie imported from Malaysia with a beautiful reddish brown color.  With Malaysia’s long history of sustainable forestry practices, their Meranti has not been over harvested like many other Mahogany species which now come with a hefty price tag.

So if you are shopping around for new decking, thinking the only Mahogany you can afford is Mahogany colored plastic, PVC or composite decking, you are wrong.  The only tough decision will be whether you choose unfinished or pre-finished.

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