Month: September 2014

Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti

KAYU ® Mahogany (DRM) Decking Understanding about Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti: Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti is among the most commonly used decking types. This is popular because it’s 100% clear grade type of hardwood which is native to Southeast Asian countries. The botanical name of Dark Red Meranti is Shorea acuminata. There is much more to know about this species. And, this article will help you in understanding about Dark Red Meranti in a better way. Various Names Adopted by this Species: Dark Red Meranti has adopted various

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Truck Decking – Trailer Decking

KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong Truck Decking –  Trailer Decking KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong Wood Decking  Kayu International is one name you can rely upon for high quality truck decking services! Kayu International, Inc. with 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking. Our Wood Experts at Kayu International are waiting to talk to you. Ask for one of our Wood Experts:  Natalie, Gina or Chad  Phone: (888) 558-5298   Local: (503) 557-7296 Contact Kayu International for Best Trailer

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Truck Decking Trailer Decking Flatbed Decking

Truck Decking   Trailer Decking    Flatbed Decking Stocked in our Kayu Warehouse – Order Today! Why to Take Care of Your Truck Decking and Trailer Decking? Who Are We?   KAYU ® International, Inc.  We’ve been in business over 20 years, bringing our customers highest quality and prices for Keruing – Apitong.    We buy direct from SE Asia and ship to our warehouse.   Apitong Decking Keruing Decking…… for your Trailer, Truck and Flatbed needs. Our Kayu Warehouse:  We have consolidated a few of our Warehouses into one large warehouse that is located

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