Month: May 2013

5/4 X 4 X 6′ & 7′ Batu Shorts Special

Want high quality decking at a more affordable price?  Look no further than KAYU Batu shorts.  Priced about 30% under our random and even length decking, “shorts” are an amazing way to get your dream deck even sooner than you thought. For a limited time, we are offering 10% off our 5/4 X 4 X 6′ & 7′ Batu decking.  For pricing and availability in your area, contact KAYU today.

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Ventilation and Spacing Essentials

When building your brand new KAYU Hardwood Deck, it’s important to remember some key factors.  Hardwoods are a natural wood product and will expand in rainy, humid weather and contract in hot, dry weather.  If your deck is installed without proper airflow and spacing to allow for expansion and contraction you will inevitably face some issues down the road.  Below are a few installation tips: Please follow your local building codes Keep all decking materials dry, clean and out of direct sunlight prior to finishing and installing If you wish

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