Month: February 2013

Planning on Building a New Deck this Spring?

Why not build with KAYU Hardwood Decking?  All of our beautiful imported hardwoods are carefully selected by full time KAYU exclusive overseas purchasing managers, insuring the best quality in the industry.  Our hardwood decking products are also sourced only from countries leading in ecological, sustainable forestry and have been 100% legally obtained.  The only question left is which product is right for you? KAYU Batu (Red Balau) KAYU DRM (Dark Red Meranti) KAYU Siap (Pre Finished) KAYU Atas (Yellow Balau / Bangirai) For distribution near you, contact KAYU today!

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100% Lacey Act Compliant Decking

KAYU International believes wood is one of Earth’s most precious resources and strictly enforces limited, selectively logged harvesting.  All of our hardwood is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, countries which are leaders in sustainable forestry practices. KAYU holds the chain of custody for all loads and can supply at any time.  In addition to the team of overseas KAYU employees who regularly and closely supervise, monitor and enforce sustainable logging practices, KAYU’s president visits our overseas production facilities no less than two times per year to further witness and monitor

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Save on KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles

Currently offering 5% off our already amazingly priced deck tiles.  Additional discounts available when purchased in large quantities. KAYU Batu Hardwood Deck Tiles are a quick, high quality and long lasting solution for transforming any flat surface in record time. Constructed using 100% clear grade, kiln dried, durable imported Red Balau Batu hardwood Naturally resistant to fire, termites and fungus. Eco friendly, sustainably sourced Perfect for fans of “Do it Yourself” projects. Installation is easy.  Simply place the provided aluminum clips into the grooves on the bottom of the tiles. 

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