Month: April 2011

Sustainable Forest Management

The earth is 70% water and 30% land. Tropical rainforest covers 7% of the world’s landmass, representing 1.7% of the earth’s surface. The tropical rainforest contains more than half the flora and fauna in the world and is an important factor in the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen. But tropical rainforest is not alone in assuring the globe’s environmental balance: boreal and temperate forests are no less inportant and so are the world’s oceans. While the tropical rainforest can be found in 85 countries around the world (FAO), 90%

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Tongue & Groove Flooring Installation Recommendations

Properly installing your new KAYU tongue and groove flooring is extremely crucial for long lasting performance. Sealing Be mindful of excess moisture in the air.  KAYU Batu and KAYU Dark Red Meranti (commonly referred to as Mahogany) T&G are kiln dried but can still absorb moisture. When using your KAYU T&G for exterior porches is important  the material is sealed with a penetrating sealer on all four sides, thus minimizing the dimensional change.  Lengthwise, there is virtually no expansion, therefore neatly trimmed ends can be butted tightly together. Nailing Nailing

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Installation Essentials

Storage and Handling: Keep your KAYU hardwood deck boards clean, dry and out of direct sunlight before installation and finishing. Finishing: Seal decking with a high quality penetrating oil sealer on all four sides prior to installation.  Sealing only one side can create uneven moisture flow which increases the likelihood of cupping. A periodic cleaning and a light coat of finish will be required in order to maintain original color. Ventilation and Air Flow: Check and follow your local building codes Allow adequate ventilation for proper air flow to reduce

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