100% Lacey Act Compliant Decking

KAYU International believes wood is one of Earth’s most precious resources and strictly enforces limited, selectively logged harvesting.  All of our hardwood is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, countries which are leaders in sustainable forestry practices.

KAYU holds the chain of custody for all loads and can supply at any time.  In addition to the team of overseas KAYU employees who regularly and closely supervise, monitor and enforce sustainable logging practices, KAYU’s president visits our overseas production facilities no less than two times per year to further witness and monitor harvesting practices  This is something we have been doing for 25 years and will always continue doing.

Additionally, all of KAYU’s hardwood is 100% Lacey Act compliant, which makes it illegal to import certain plants and plant products without a detailed import declaration.

In short, if you are looking for 100% legal, 100% Lacey Act compliant and selectively logged, sustainable hardwood, look no further than KAYU International.


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