image of tropical hardwood deck on cleaning checklist pageMaterials

Deck Cleaning Product formulated for hardwood
Deck Brightener Product formulated for hardwood. There are products on the market for cleaning and brightening in one step
Water, Hose, Mop and Bucket
Broom and / or Brush (no metal brushes)


Clean the Deck

Sweep the deck until the surface is clear of debris (dirt and leaves)


Apply a Deck Cleaning Product

Apply a deck cleaning product formulated for hardwood and follow instructions on the label

Scrub the deck boards with the grain of the wood

Rinse the cleaning product from the deck and surrounding area thoroughly with water


Apply a Deck Brightener Product

Apply a deck brightener product formulated for hardwood with a mop or sprayer and follow instructions on the label



Dispose of clean-up material according to local, state and federal regulations