KAYU®-Sapphire is known for beauty and durability

KAYU®-Sapphire™ is a top choice with homeowners due to its natural warm beauty and renowned durability. Its dense cell structure and interlocking grain serve as a natural deterrent to decay, insects and molds. Its high quality and sturdiness is why it is often used in the construction of projects that require water-resistant woods like boat docks, bridges or watercraft ramps.

High density woods are more preferable to homeowners and builders these days. They are more reliable for their longevity, durability and relatively low-maintenance requirements.

Our KAYU Sapphire™ exotic hardwood decking is an excellent choice for Outdoor / Indoor decking; used by Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Homeowners world-wide. It is among one of the high quality products imported by KAYU ® International from Indonesia.
Our team at KAYU® International fully understands how enjoyable it is to unwind outside after a long day at work. Having a hardwood deck at your house is not only relaxing but can enhance the value of your home. KAYU ® is the answer to transpire your space into a warm, beautiful Outdoor / Indoor living environment. Relax and Enjoy the Moment.

KAYU Sapphire™ Profile

  • Beautiful, warm, gold-reddish-brown, Teak Like color
  • 100% clear grade; always inspected by KAYU exclusive graders
  • Class A Flame Spread Rating (Same as Concrete and Steel)
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Kiln dried for consistent application
  • Similar to lpe in density, strength and durability
  • Ave. density of 64 Lbs/Ft3 / 1020 kg/M3
  • Outstanding choice for commercial jobs and high traffic areas
  • Excellent value compared to similar hardwoods and composites
  • Reliable for low maintenance, longevity and durability
  • No hassle, simply allow to weather to silver patina color or clean, wash & oil to bring back the decks natural beauty and warmth
  • Naturally resistant to decay, insects and mold, even in extreme environments
  • Proven performer for decades in most demanding applications
  • Sustainably harvested from well managed forests
  • 100% Lacey Act and SVLK compliant


Available Sizes

  • 1 x 4
  • 1 x 6
  • 5/4 x 4
  • 5/4 x 6 S4S E4E
  • 2 x 4
  • 2 x 6

Build with Confidence

  • Decking
  • Bridges
  • Boardwalks
  • Gardens
  • Porches
  • Roof tops
  • Around pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Fences
  • Walkways
  • Businesses


Attention:  Learn About Natural Tannin’s in KAYU Sapphire

Natural tannin’s in KAYU Sapphire protect the wood but also seep when first exposed to excessive moisture.

KAYU Sapphire (Merbau) is one of the most durable rot resistant hardwood products, with a combination of an ultra-smooth surface and a natural warm beautiful color.

The species is known to possibly contain a heavy amount of the natural chemical of Tannin’s, which are found in most wood species.  Even though Tannin’s contribute to the specie’s many benefits; rot resistance, termite resistance, natural color and smooth texture, they may also seep when first exposed to excessive moisture, during the first month or two. 

Because of the possibility of seeping, we highly recommend added caution when installing KAYU Sapphire to a second story application or where there is the potential to stain surrounding areas, such as; patio, furniture, concrete, stucco, etc.  Thoroughly conditioning boards prior to installation; thus, exposing them to moisture until all signs of the red tannins have dissipated.  A small percentage of boards will seep, which will typically happen within the first few weeks; however, most will not.  The seep is non-toxic and can be pressure washed off the concrete.

KAYU ® International has provided decades of High Quality Lumber, Dependable Service at Affordable Prices for more than 22 years of importing exotic hardwoods for the U.S. and Canadian markets.  Our Owner and President, Steve Wilson, has been in the Lumber Industry for more than 40 years and began Importing Lumber from SE Asia in the early 80’s. He continues to selectively acquire KAYU’s Exotic Wood from many of the same Mill Owners that he has for past decades.  With this level of experience and success you can be reassured that you will be getting the high quality products you need and the service you deserve.

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