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Kayu® International was founded in 1994 and is a direct importer of the finest exotic Hardwood for the U.S. and Canadian markets; providing decades of high quality hardwood, dependable Service, and affordable prices.  We specialize in exotic hardwood products, including decking, tiles, flooring, and dimensional lumber.  KAYU provides additional value added services such as pre-finishing and special, hard-to-get sizes and profiles  and always double checked by KAYU exclusive graders.

Throughout our history our main emphasis has been focused on providing the best quality hardwoods for our customers, when they want it. With business growing solidly every year, we can honestly say we accomplish that and more. Our Distributor’s warehouses are stocked year-round in both the U.S. and Canada.

Exotic Hardwood Decking and More!

KAYU Batu™  Dark Red in color, 100% clear grade hardwood decking.  Also known as Red Balau, selectively selected from Indonesia. An excellent choice for outdoor decking; used by Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Homeowners. Extremely dense,  durable, kiln dried, smoothly finished.
KAYU Mahogany™  is uniquely beautiful and a carefully selected, exotic mahogany hardwood species, also known as Dark Red Meranti. Reddish Brown, Mahogany color.  When freshly installed, it displays a light Reddish Brown color.  Overtime, Mahogany deepens in color to that famous Rich Red Brownish color. 100% clear grade,  Extremely dense,  durable, kiln dried, smoothly finished.
KAYU™ Mahogany (DRM)
KAYU Siap (pre-finished) is your ‘ready to go’ exotic hardwood deck; the perfect choice for top performance at an affordable price. Carefully selected Red Meranti hardwood with a uniform, Dark Mahogany like color, prefinished with a proprietary Mesmer’s UV Plus for Hardwood Decks. 100% clear grade,  Extremely dense,  durable, kiln dried, smoothly finished.
KAYU Mas™ is a gorgeous, dense exotic hardwood with a unique blend of rich, Golden Red/Brown colors.  It is a proven performer with the ultimate combination of warmth, beauty, adaptability, durability, performance and value. 100% clear grade,  Extremely dense,  durable, kiln dried, smoothly finished. Priced considerably lower than Ipe with a more beautiful look and greater density .
KAYU Golden Balau™ is a popular choice for Indoor/ Outdoor decking; with a mixture of warm colors of Golden Browns and Light Browns. The Balau species is typically chosen for its rich hue and subtle grain.
KAYU Sapphire™  is a top choice with homeowners due to its natural warm beauty and renowned durability. Its dense cell structure and interlocking grain serve as a natural deterrent to decay, insects, and molds. Its high quality and sturdiness is why it is often used in the construction of projects that require water-resistant woods like boat docks, bridges, or watercraft ramps.
KAYU Tigerwood™ is one of the most visually interesting exotic hardwoods on the U.S. and Canadian market. Tigerwood is prized as much for its durability as it is its beauty.   Tigerwood is as versatile as it is beautiful, and its durability makes it useful in many wood projects. Fresh timbered Tigerwood has a Russet or Orange Brown color with medium to Dark Brown stripes. As the wood ages the coloration darkens slightly and the stripes become nearly black.
KAYU Genuine Teak™ Adding a genuine teak deck can be a wonderful way to turn an attractive outdoor area into a true living space. Teak has long been a top choice for outdoor decking, due to its warm Golden Brown color and durability.
KAYU Apitong Keruing Hardwood
KAYU® Truck Decking We serve the U.S. transportation industry for truck and trailer decking and deliver Apitong – Keruing throughout the U.S. and Canada. Apitong – Keruing is the leading hardwood in use today for truck and trailer flooring. Offering the best durability and life expectancy and has become an extremely popular choice among truck owners who want something that is durable, strong and still very affordable.
Kayu® Deck Tiles are your answer to instantly transpire your space into a warm, beautiful outdoor / Indoor living environment. Available in different sizes to suit your needs. The Tiles can be quickly and easily installed, eliminating expensive labor cost. Installed over any ground with a relatively flat surface.

Nothing will affect the appearance of your home or business more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose. KAYU® Exterior Hardwood Siding provides you a great way to add color and definition to your house or business and at the same time provide benefits in terms of weathering and damage to your structure.

provide you with a great way to design your perfect space to suit the architectural style of your house or business.  Hardwood for siding has been in use for centuries and Exotic Hardwood is quickly becoming a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. Natural beauty, durability, resistance to insects, mold and mildew make hardwood a very attractive choice.

are an ideal way to beautify your home, keep pets and children safe, and provide privacy. No matter what your end goal, our exotic hardwood is available to make your dreams become a reality. We offer our KAYU® Hardwood Fencing and Gates material in KAYU® Mahogany, KAYU® Batu and KAYU® Genuine Teak. These South East


We also sell decking accessories, including stains and screws.

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