KAYU Batu vs. KAYU DRM (Dark Red Meranti)

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Combonation of KAYU-Batu™ and KAYU-Aku™

KAYU Batu Beams with KAYU DRM T & G ceiling. A perfect combo of KAYU products!

For many years KAYU Batu (Red Balau) has been the “go to” species for top quality hardwood decking at a favorable price.  However, we at KAYU would like to remind you we truly have something for everyone at a variety of price points and unique appearances.

KAYU DRM (also known as Dark Red Meranti- and primarily of the Bukit and Nemesu species) is one of these great options.  KAYU DRM is a 100% natural, uniquely beautiful hardwood with a fine furniture look, used extensively in the marine/pleasure boating industry from 50+ years.

KAYU DRM varies from KAYU Batu with only a little more color variation from piece to piece and a slightly lower density, with the same sort of quality you have learned to expect from all KAYUhardwood products.

You will also really love KAYU DRM if cost savings is on your mind,  which is currently priced around 15% lower than KAYU Batu; similar to pricing of many composite, PVC and domestic decking products.

For more information on KAYU DRM or any of the other hardwood decking choices KAYU has to offer, please contact KAYU today.


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  1. Torsten Knepper says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am interested to learn about pricing options on KAYU-Aku to be used as sofit. the size 1 X 4 T & G
    V Back and 1 X 6 T&G V Back are of particular interest. Can you provide pricing for approx 600sqft?
    what is the BF price where do you have price breaks, how is shipping handled? I might have a project in the Milwaukee WI area coming up.
    Torsten Knepper

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