Ventilation and Spacing Essentials

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When building your brand new KAYU Hardwood Deck, it’s important to remember some key factors.  Hardwoods are a natural wood product and will expand in rainy, humid weather and contract in hot, dry weather.  If your deck is installed without proper airflow and spacing to allow for expansion and contraction you will inevitably face some […]

Easy to Use Concealed Fastening System

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Hidden fastening systems for decks are definitely here to stay.  But there are so many options, how do you choose?  We have tried and tested the Kreg Deck Jig Concealed Fastening System and are very impressed. First place the included spacer rings alongside your deck board to allow the proper airflow and ventilation so important […]

Time to Clean your Deck

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Unless your deck has never been exposed to the elements or had anyone set foot on it, sooner or later it will need to be cleaned.  This is true of any decking material, whether it be PVC, composite, pressure treated, domestic wood or exotic hardwood.  Just think of how your car would look like if […]

For the love of dogs, choose KAYU Batu

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Don’t let your furry four legged friend stand between you and your brand new hardwood deck.  One of the many reasons we love Red Balau/Batu so much is its incredible durability.  Unlike Cedar, pressure treated pine and many composites, KAYU Batu is extremely dense and resists deep scratches and dents, including dog nails better than […]

Update your outdoor living space with deck tiles!

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After ignoring your outdoor living space half of fall and most of winter, you may have recently walked outside and noticed its Spring.  Your flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping and  days are longer.  In many cases, a new deck, porch or major exterior upgrade takes careful budgeting and planning.  By the time […]

Budget Friendly Mahogany Decking

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Mahogany is known for its gorgeous reddish brown color, extreme durability and resistance to fungus, termites and rot.  When properly installed, Mahogany decking can last for decades, withstanding even some of the harshest climates.  You’ve seen fine, high quality furniture made from it, probably an antique boat or two, maybe even a hardwood deck.  You […]

Big Savings on Select Hardwood Products

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Looking for a great deal on hardwood decking and decking accessories?  We are doing a little “spring cleaning” and have all kinds of discounts on select hardwood decking products. 2 X 2 X 3′ (1-1/16″ X 1-3/8″ X 3′ net) Dark Red Meranti balusters 4 X 4 X 4′ Dark Red Meranti posts 1 X […]